Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin

Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin, born November 2, 1669, painted simple pictures of everyday occurances. They captured the natural beauty of things we often do not see. He was born in Paris, France, and stayed there most of his life. His official career started in 1728, when he got accepted into the Royal Academy of painting. He showed them his pictures The Skate and The Buffet.

In 1731, Jean married Marguerite Saintard. In 1733, he revealed his first painting, Woman sealing A Letter. After that time, he painted simple modest scenes of family, such as Saying Grace, Young Man Drawing. Unfortunately, his wife died in 1735, and by that time he was a successful painter.

Saying Grace

In 1740, he was presented to Louis XV, to whom he presented Saying Grace and Mother Working .Four years later, he was remarried to Marguerite Pouget. He painted a picture of her in pastel 30 years. During time, he reached the height of his career; for example, Louis XV payed 1,500 livers for Lady With a Bid-Organ. He became very popular..

Lady with a Bid-Organ..
this is some other chick

His slang was , "one paints with colors,""but one paints with feeling.''

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