Jan 30, 2017

I’ve continued on my guitar prototyping. All of the parts have come in today for my next project and I’ve started right away on construction. The X-0217U will be based on a shorter scale using a concert ukulele neck at a 15” scale length. I’m a little concerned about fitting playable 15” on the new hobby box, but I think that I can always extend the tail section.

Tonight I have glued the neck to the box. After more research I think that I will have two designs. One a short scale with a strum stick/dulcimer setup, and the other a larger scale and body with a mandolin style string set.

Jan 31, 2017

Tonight I’ve attached the fret board and after doing some more measuring I have discovered that I will indeed have to extend the tail to give me room for a 15” scale. Also after observing the concert ukulele neck, my first impression is that the fret spacing might be a little tight. This is proving my theory that somewhere around the 19” scale might be the best option.

Feb 6, 2017

I’ve finished the X-0217U and as expected I’m not happy with the smaller scaling. This makes the string very tight and very little room for error for intonation and string setup. The overall sound is pretty good. The box that I bought from the hobby store is better quality and than the last prototype which makes a difference. It has a great high pitch mandolin sound, but after playing and hearing it, I feel that I like the warmer dulcimer sound from the larger scale better. For future projects I think I will stick with the larger scale and experiment with different string setups instead.

The next prototype will be called the X-0317D. The focus will be on building a custom body and headstock. Using the standard large 25” scale like the first prototype.

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