How to Survive 5th Grade in Mrs. Kolff's Class Maddi Carl

Leave the crying and complaining at home. Also, watch you noice level when you are working in partners because that is something that our class struggled with. Next, Mrs. Kolff does not like when you budge in line or even say the word budge. Finally, do not sit in her green chair at the side table!

Some rules for her guided reading groups are....

  • GIVE EVIDENCE with your answers [ you might get to clip up]
  • Have your work complete
  • Participate in discussions about the books
  • Don't interrupt others when they are giving their answers

To be successful in Mrs. Kolff's class you should...

  • Not interrupt her when she is talking
  • Not dig in your desk when she is talking
  • Walk in a good straight line and try to get paws because she is really competitve
  • Work hard and don't wander around the classroom
  • Have the supplies that she wants you to have out
  • Just be polite and get your work done

With your blogs try to be creative with your wording. Also, try your best to have really strong vocabulary. Next, don't just be on Youtube watching videos, find a hour long playlist and go to another tab to type your blog. Finally, read the whole article before you do anything else!

Rewards in Mrs. Kolff's class can be really fun, for example, just for trying our hardest on MAPS test she gave us tech time. Also, if you clip up through out the day you get to move during reading and sometimes you win a treat. One last reward that you can get is, getting a cushion or carpet square if you are able to move because you have clipped up.

Finally, just remember to have fun and and to remember to work hard and give 100%. She will never get mad at you if you are truly trying, also I will never forget my time in her classroom and I hope that you time is as great as mine. She is a great teacher, I always wanted to make her proud. Have a great year!

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