What a resolution! What are your new year resolutions?

We all make them! Resolutions that is, every year we make a list of all the great thing we want to achieve in the up coming months. Unfortunately many of us fall flat after a few short weeks. What's the problem? Why can we not stick to these goals?

What Do I really want and why?

Most goals we set in January are 2 word phrases at most.


Look familiar? Probably! These are some of the most common resolutions, so why are they not working? You hear yourself say these same resolutions year after year with the same results every year leading to you making them again the following year.... so on and so forth in a never ending loop. I know have been there myself with the exact resolution I listed above.


  1. MAKE A PLAN! Don't just put down a word or two and expect results. Get a note book, note pad, memo board on your phone, anything that can be written on and saved. Write down you two key words, then go in to detail about that goal! Why do you want it? How are you going to fulfill that goal? What do you need to reach it?
  2. SET A TIME LINE. You want to loss weight or save money? Set a reasonable time period to get it done in. Is it reasonable to say you want to loss 20lbs in 2 weeks, NO! or save $1000 in one month? Yeah, probably not. SET REASONABLE GOALS! You want to loss 10lbs in, say 2 months? Make weekly goals. Week 1: cut out soda, sugary snacks, and exercise 30 minutes 3 times. Week 2: Add to it. Substitute eating out with a packed lunch or protein shake, exercise for 45 minutes 3 times this week. Add a supplement, there are hundreds of tablets, drink mixes, and gummies on the market to help aid in good health and weight loss.
  3. GET HELP! Join a gym, share your goals with friends, family, and/or coworkers; they may have similar goals that you could work with each other to meet. Join a group in person or online. There are tons of sites out there waiting for you! youtube.com is actually a great tool when it comes to lectures, workouts, fitness coaches, and even meal preps.
  4. DONT BE AFAID TO START SMALL. Get a jar for spare change, every evening empty your pockets into the jar. Is there a dollar in there? Well put it in there too. How much did you save by the end of the month?
  5. SET REMINDERS! Set reminders for workouts, trips to the bank with that change jar, reminders to drink more water, to eat that extra meal you sometimes forget about.
  6. BE ACOUNTABLE! What happens if you miss a goal deadline? Better yet, what happens when you make a goal deadline? Just like we were when we were kids, adults like rewards and work well for them. So you meet that goal? Reward yourself!
  7. ALL OR NONE? All or none is usually a good way to fail. This mentality may be good for short term goals, but in the long run it's a recipe for failure. It's not about falling off the wagon, we all do it! It's about getting back on.
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