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Getting closer to the end

Its hard for me to think that it's been already just over a month since I began this journey, how time flies. Only a few weeks left before the big outreach.

Week 3 we had a teaching on our calling with Lindani the base leader from YWAM Port Elizabeth. In this week God encouraged me to start taking risks and stepping out in faith, that this is a safe place and I am allowed to make a few mistakes as I learn.

It is interesting to see the different teaching style of the lecturer. Lindani made good use of his testimonies and experiences and through that he motivated all off us. Seeing how good it worked I will be sure to try it out myself.


The next weekend we went camping, missionary style. We practice getting into God's presence with the help of Petrus Cloete a marketplace missionary which led to a lot of wonderful prophesy and healing. He also shared there family's amazing testimony.

All in all it was a lot of fun and a very nice escape from the busyness of the city. I believe all of us had enjoyed the weekend very much.

Week 4 Hearing God's Voice

Our 4th week was very (umm what is the right word) practical. In the lecture part God started to reveal some of the things that kept me from hearing His voice. Through that I discovered all the things I still had to work on to get where I want my relationship with Him to be.

After we did some exercises on quieting our mind, we did some very cool stuff. We had about 3 exercises that I found very memorable but the one that had stood out was giving the Holy Spirit permission to work with your imagination. We had to imagine that Jesus was in the room with us and that he wanted us to do something. Being led by the Spirit one of the girls felt she had to anoint our lips which meant a lot to some of the people.

For me personally I saw Jesus standing over me and just smiling at me, happy with what He had made. It really meant a lot because just earlier that week someone had attacked my character and left me feeling very worthless. The funny thing about your truth and God's truth is that God's truth is always more true.

X-Mass with the orphanage

We had received some gifts that was sponsored by a local church to give to the kids. The look on some of the kids faces was really satisfying more than I had ever thought it could be. In the end I think it was us that got something out of all of it, even though it was the kids getting the gifts.

Week 5 The Father heart of God

What a powerful week. On week 5 we discussed the impact your father has on your character and choices. It was very frightening for me to see how much I was caught up in the same cycles as my biological father.

Through this I realized how important it was to accept God as my father and through Him is where your identity comes from, it was very clear to me how much I still had the beliefs of a orphan of this world instead of the beliefs of a true son of God that I am.

We had a lot of graphs on the different levels of sanctification and it really helped me see where I was with my relationship with God and where I wanted to be.

Thank you for all the support

Thank you to every one that has supported me on this journey so far. I ask that you continue to pray with me for the outreach to the refugee camps of Botswana, Zambia and Malawi since I am still in need of R10 000 to make it a reality.

For more Info contact me or if you feel led to partner up with me.

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