The 1930s By andrew and Julianna

The Farm Security Administration (FSA) was created under President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal to help rural workers deal with the challenges of the Great Depression
Hungry people wait in line for bread that will feed the whole family.
During the Great Depression entire families worked as migrant day laborers. In this photograph, children are depicted taking a break from the hard work.
Farms were owned by families and everyone was put to work to earn as much money as they could.
Families starved from a lack of money to buy food because there were no jobs.
A lot of schools were being closed due to lack of enrollment, and this political cartoon depicts what happens when school are closed (illiteracy, depreciation, and idle time).
This poster warns milk truckers to be aware of where their milk is coming from, so that costumers do not get sick because sanitation was an issue during this era.
As automobiles were becoming an increased trend, people had to watch out for oncoming traffic. This poster promotes being safe.

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