FMP/week 1 what we must do./march 6th.

week 1/6th of march.

what we did for our first week on our FMP was to decide what we wanted to create by getting started on a proposal and also getting ready for the presentation. what i had done on the first day was write a lot of things for my proposal and got some ideas for my FMP. what i'm planning on doing next is to ask to work with someone and have a better understanding on what i'm doing.

8th of march.

today we continued on our proposal and also presentation for our FMP. and also on this day someone came in to talk to us about jobs and what she does in game design. she told us a lot about the job roles and what she did at the company called code masters, information i gained from this was that if i ever wanted to get into the game design world i should apply to be a QA tester. after she left we continued research and asking to work together with someone. where it stands at the moment i'm currently working with harry on our FMP.

9th March

today we got some old work done and then we all waited for a another person to come in and talk to us in depth about game designing and VR. he came in and talked a while talking about how they designed levels on games such as sniper elite 4 and also about how they are working on VR and troubles they have, it was very interesting to learn. what i am going to do next is just continue on my presentation for the 15th and the proposal.

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