Best Gift Given Corey Hunt

The best gift that I've? The best gift I've given was a phone case someone really wanted. I would be talking to this person and they would say i need a new phone case and so i got the idea of buying them a new phone case for there phone so i went on amazon and ordered a phone case and a few days later it came in the mail.

Why i chose this gift? So were i got the idea is when i was on amazon i saw a really nice phone case and so i though about that person and said oh crap i can get this phone case for this person so i asked the person what kind of phone cases they like and they told me so i had an idea of what to get and so that day i ordered it and got it in the mail and then i rapped it and waited till Christmas to give it to them.

How i got the money for this gift? I got the money from saving up it almost took me about a month to save up all the money i had to sell my golden watch and my computer and when i had finished selling everything i had enough to buy a new diamond watch but instead i bought a new phone case for someone because i already get enough for Christmas.

How the person received the gift? How this person received this gift is on Christmas day i went over to this persons house and then i showed them the wrapped gift and they look really happy so after everyone eat we opened gifts so i opened mine and i got a watch so they opened the gift I've given them and they were really happy and it turns out that they really wanted that phone case for a while.

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