Shred town mary-kate brown

Community motto:

In shred town are motto is always stay chill in every situation. Are community is full of peace and love. We only focus on fun positive things.


How to become a member

Be a good person. you must be kind and positive.

Mission statement:

Have fun and do anything you want and nothing bad can happen. Every day is chill surround everyone in love.

Community rules

  • No drama
  • No murder
  • No fights
  • No drugs
  • No alchol
  • Stay calm in any situation
  • Stay healthy and fit
  • spread the love
  • No snowboarders
  • Eat anything you want


Utah because its a good family oriented place. Also for the nature, skiing and amazing snow.


Morning time: You get up eat breakfast then you can do whatever you want. Except when you have school. School is every other day for 4 hours. After school you can do whatever you want but most people go skiing.

Afternoon: At this time most people will be skiing. If you don't enjoy skiing then you can do other things. Most people want to be outside.

Night: You can go home whenever you want. you must have dinner every night with your whole family.

Government: Shred town's government is a democracy. The reason why is because we want everyone to be able to vote and have a voice.

Why come to live in Shred town?

Shred town is such an awesome place to live in. We spread the love to everyone in the community. We are a low key and fun environment. Everyone is taken care of in shred town.


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