Career Visits A research journal by mikaela mullen

Today I looked at the survey I made and I got 22 responses. Based off the answers they picked I would say that my idea for career visits is a good idea to bring to the school and benefit the students. When seeing the pie charts, it made me more ambitious to want to get this idea to the school board so that we can have a program to support what kids actually want to be. 5/3/17

Today while analyzing my secondary sources I saw that there was some really cool ideas. For example there was this one from Northern Michigan that has a hands on construction building program and you worked with professionals and created buildings. Another awesome thing I saw was one school wrote a grant to pay for a career exploration and it turns out all they're reviews were successful. 5/5/17

I finished and hung up my poster in the hallway. It contained my primary and secondary research. It also has my proposal and college on it too. Today we also worked on our secondary research paragraph. 5/18/17

Right now I'm focusing on my secondary paragraph and I talked about the different websites I used. Today I also made a QR code and downloaded the app to read other peoples journals. All I need to do is work on my last two paragraphs. 5/22/17

Today I'm peer editing and polishing up my essay to turn in. Its been a long process from doing my poster to completing the essay. I finally finished everything and I'd have to say he hardest part was the secondary research paragraphs. Mainly because comparing them was a little difficult. My favorite part was making the poster. 5/26/17


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