How to Worship? A Bible Study

Worship is all about responding to God's greatness through acts of surrender. Romans 12:1

So, we can ask the question:

How best can we surrender to God?

Read Psalm 8:2; 34:1; 40:9; 51:15; 63:3; 71:23

From these passages, what can we surrender to God?

The Importance of Declaration in Worship

Read Psalm 22:22; 71:17-18; 75:9; 89:2; 96:3

Our mouths are powerful tools of surrender before God. When we speak out the truth of God's character, the spiritual atmosphere around us shifts.

Read Psalm 95, 96 & 100.

From these passages, what parts of our body can we surrender to God?

List actions that we can do in worship, to show God that we love him.

Bible style worship is ACTIVE. It is full of surrender. We are called to surrender our body, soul, mind and spirit in worship.

Why corporate worship?

Read Psalm 67; 96:7-9 & 149:1

Describe God's desire for his people to be together in worship.

The Father longs for his children to love him and each other at the same time. That is the essence of corporate worship.
Read Luke 7:36-50
What personal act of worship could you pour out On Jesus? What fresh sacrifice could you give him?

How to Worship?

With surrender of body, soul, mind & spirit

In the family of God - loving the Father and our brothers and sisters together

In the personal acts of fresh sacrifice to Jesus

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