A Land of Firsts San DIego

Hello My name is Jesse Martinez, this site highlights all of the amazing things I have done for the first time after moving to San Diego California!

There are things I wanted to do and experience after moving to Southern California (including the San Diego Zoo seen in background photo's I took), none of which included sports! After starting my new job I found my company is heavily into sporting events and this provided my entry into a segments of culture I cared nothing about.


First College Football game! The Holiday Bowl happens each year near the end of the year. I did not realize a game I knew nothing about could be so exciting! from the teams bands playing after each play to food and excited fans I can now appreciate a game in person.


The San Diego Padres, My first professional baseball game. With the city in the background and a huge screen to explain what is going on I was able to at least see images of who was hitting the ball and if they were liked by the fans.


This Sport has been my favorite so far, it is very fast paced and violent. The rules are simple hit the puck into the net. The playing slamming against the glass right in front of you as the crowd cheers gets any non sports person excited to watch!

All that is left on my list is Soccer and Baseball.


Word Count: 513

The future of the web is ever changing and evolving to people’s needs, I believe the future of the web will continue to make our lives on earth easier through access to information. This information has already changed countries with its commination abilities overthrowing dictators and more. People now may time access the web with their phone in less developed countries and the web is accessed for the first time not on a PC but from their pocket. As technology advanced devices for connectivity will become more accessible and inexpensive creating new companies to accommodate the needs of the new services created through this growing information channel. In the future this will become even more readily available and continue to improve all of our lives.

With this evolution of more access, I believe the we will look more simplified and user friendly. More visually appealing and universally understood with pictures and symbols so that no matter where you are reading the information from you will more easily be able to understand the message. When the web began it was vanilla in styling with little users to improve and tailor its design. As far as we have come already, I believe the look of the web will become more streamline. And less like a browser window with a scroll bar on the right side. I remember when I was on my first computer in elementary school. The mac had a green and black screen with no mouse. I could never have imagined a retina display with full HD color and a touchpad to select exactly where I wanted to click. Because advancement in design is imagined through what we already know, I am sure the look and feel of the future web will be far better and more amazing than we can even imagine today.

Since the web has become more and more accessible through our phones, tablets, and laptops; I believe the web will be even more accessible in simple tasks from cooking the stove will connect and assist in that new recipe or the street outside will be connected and access hazards on the road ahead automatically slowing traffic and rerouting. I believe the web will be less of a desktop tool we log into with a browser only and more of a seamless extension of devices, machines, and homes.

I believe that design is important for the future of the web because design is a universal language. Colors, perceived textures, sounds that play as information is accessed have a lasting psychological effect on the person accessing the information. This assist in advertising, learning, and even socializing through the web. As and example, If I took two classes with same exact information one through etudes and one through Canvas, I would appreciate and enjoy the Canvas course more because it feel modern and more easily navigated. If the web stayed basic and rigid as when it debuted it’s doubtful it would have progressed as quickly has it has. And this will continue I believe in order for the web to continue flourishing.

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