Plate Boundary Project By Eva McCarthy

Himalaya Mountains are made

Convergent Boundaries are moved by a kind of stress called compression that move the plates together. The Himalayan Mountains are one example of the convergent boundaries. The Himalayan mountains are the tallest mountains in the world that include Mount Everest. the Himalayan Mountains are still growing taller today.

This is the Mid Ocean RI

Divergent Boundaries are moved by a stress called tension that pulls the boundaries apart. the Mid Ocean Ridge is a Divergent Boundary the mid ocean ridge is pulled apart. The Mid Ocean Ridge is what makes new crust for the Earth.

The San Andreas Fault in California.

Transform Boundaries. Move side to side. the form of stress that moves the Transform boundary is called Shear. Transform boundaries make land forms called Fault Zones. One Fault Zone is Called the San Andreas Fault Zone. the San Andreas Fault was responsible for the earthquake in 1960.


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