The evolution of Call of Duty Games sold by Leo van der Rest

About Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a video game available for Playstation, XBox, PC and Wii. Some copies have been released also on PSP and IOS but in my project I did not include these copies due to the big change of copies sold. In this graph the copies have been slightly increasing and decreasing but the overall the graph was a positive correlation. In this project I investigated in researching the number of Call of Duty copies sold to PS,PC, XBox and WII over the past 13 years. Activision started the Call of Duty series in 2003 and I still got 15 points by the Activision team releasing multiple games a year for some years.

In the picture below are my 15 points graphed into Desmos in three different sections of 5 points. On the y axis is the number of games sold, and on the x axis is the timeline.

These are my calculations to find the line of best fit and the slope of the first group of points.

The table of the points on the y and x axis

These are my calculations for my second group of points.

The table of the points on the y and x axis

These are my calculations for the last group of points.

The table of the points on the y and x axis

This is the result of my lines of best fit on the graph with my curved line to indicate the future. The reason why some points are lower and higher sometimes than the others is because people prefer some of Call of Duty series than the others which makes more copies sold.

What will it be 50 years later?

Unfortunately I have not been able to identify the point where my curved line will reach the 50 years nor the 90 years line because it was too far away. But I do have noticed that according to my curved line the number of Call of Duty games will increase by a lot during the next years. According to my line, Activision would have sold 140,000,000 copies of their newest game in 2020. Personally, I don't think Activision will sell that many games in 2020.

First of all Activision just informed us about their new release that will come out soon, but most of the players are not really excited about the little peaks about the game. Apparently it will be based on WWII and many other games have also already based their games on Historical wars. The players were not happy neither of the remove of the Jet packs.

Secondly, other companies such as Tom Clancy's, Blizzard Entertainment and EA Dice have been releasing new games that attracted some Call of Duty players. Games like Rainbow Six, Overwatch and Battlefield 1. So if that keeps on going, the Call of Duty servers might die out.

In conclusion, I do not believe my graph that Activision will sell 140,000,000 copies of their game in 2020, but I do believe they will release some good games maybe after the WWII one which will keep their servers full. The world's population always grow so Activision will definetly have an increase in the amount of games sold.

I had fun doing this project and I learned a lot more about what I already knew about Call of Duty and Video Games. And lets hope for the best for the Activision team.

The End

Thank you for listening!

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Leopold van der Rest

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