The Car Ride Viviana smith

The Dream:

When I was little I had a reoccurring dream that I was in the passenger seat of my dad's gray F150 and he was driving. We lived in Miami, FL before we moved to Austin so my dream took place outside of our old neighborhood with palm trees everywhere. We had the windows rolled down and the music blasting. We were both really happy and it was really sunny but then it became very windy and I flew out the car window and as my dad was driving he was trying to hold on to me. Every time I had this dream I woke up startled because I had flown out of the window. Also, when I woke up, I was falling off my bed (or at least it felt like I was). I don't remember exactly the last time I had this dream but I always remember it because I had it a lot as a little girl.

This is my old neighborhood where my dream took place.


#1) my dad: My dad and I are really close so it makes sense that he is in my dream. I always had dreams when I was younger that he died or something happened to him maybe because I was afraid of loosing him or our close relationship. However, this dream is sort of the opposite because something bad happened to me. I think this could represent how even though I am getting older, our close relationship will still be strong. He has to let me go and experience life on my own but will always be there for me and try to protect me, as seen in my dream.

#2) the truck: We've had my dad's truck for a long time so I think that it could represent safety and comfort. Me flying out of the safety of my dad's truck could represent how I am growing up.

#3) the music: My dad always blasts music in the car. This could also represent comfort and familiarity like the truck.

#4) the sun/wind: The bright sun probably represents happiness and love and the switch to the wind could represent change the way in which I'm growing up.

Dream Meaning:

The cognitive perspective: I think that my dream was trying to provide me with useful information. My dream was trying to tell me that I was growing up and new life experiences were underway but that my close relationship with my dad wouldn't change. It was telling younger me that my dad will always have my back and try to protect me but that sometimes its okay for me to experience life on my own. I will always have the comfort of my family and our traditions.


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