The Colony Of South Carolina By: Tucker rogers

In 1669, the Lords Proprietors sent 100 people from England to settle in South Carolina, and in the 1719s, the colonists rebelled against the lords and threw the governor out of office.

This is them trying to get the governor fired.

Farming had not been very successful so Colonists started to capture Native Americans and selling them as slaves to people in other colonies and in the West Indian islands.

This is there farms with nothing in them.

Half of the slaves who came to the colonies came through Charleston Harbor.

This is how they brought in slaves.

By the late 1700s, 60,000 slaves lived in South Carolina and most had been captured in Africa, shipped to Charleston Harbor, and sold.

Here are slaves that got captured and are about to be sold.

The colonists thought of South Carolina as being divided into Low Country and Up Country.

This up close could be High Country and far away could be Low Country.

In the 1760s, England decided to raise money by taxing the colonists.

This is some of the money that they got from taking taxes.

On April 19, 1775, in Lexington, Massachusetts, colonists and British soldiers began shooting at one another

This is when there about to shoot.

Over 100 battles were fought in South Carolina during the Revolutionary War.

These are pictures of the memories of people fighting and dying.

Eight years later, the Americans won the Revolutionary War.

These are some guys who fought in the war.


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