Prejudice about bees By: cynamon jenrette

Buzz buzz buzz. Bees are here to help not harm.

Bees are gross scary bugs with stingers but we do need them. They are commonly black, grey or brown but they can also be bright yellow, red, green or blue. People hate bees but they are not bad. I shall educate you on bees.

People are wrong about bees. They are not just scary bugs that fly around and sting. People are stepping on them and makeing their little lives shorter. This is not a good thing for humanity.

Bees don't just go out to sting. A bee will only sting if they feel threatened or you agitate them. If you see a a swarm of bees you are not in danger of getting stung. They only fly in swarms because they don't have a home to protect.

We need bees. They pollinate the flowers and trees. They give us not just honey but oxygen of which we need.

They are now going extinct. When they are gone we will also be gone. They are growing to the highest populated in America but their numbers are dropping.

You can do things to help the bees. Like the video showed you can plant early or get a bee home. A really good way is getting a bee hive and not disturbing them. Just keep it open so they can come and go as they please. With this nest once it's full the queen bee and half the workers will leave with half the honey and a new queen will grow in that hive.

There are different jobs for bees in their hives. The worker bee, the queen bee, and the drone bee. The queen bees only job is to lay eggs, The drone is the mate with the queen, and the worker bees do every thing else. They protect the hive, watch the larva get the honey, polonate the pants, keeping the hive clean, etc. A queens life is an average of 3 years. A drones life can fluctuate it is either till they mate or about 90 days. The worker bee is an average of 40 days in polanate season or if they were born earlier then 5 months. Bees literally work until they die.

This video is how a bee grows.

All in all, the bee population is running low and that means that our top pollinater is disappearing. Don't be predjudice about bees they are put on this earth to help us not to hurt us. Respect the bees, be tolerant of them.

To all of you out there who say bees are gross mean and don't deserve to live YOU ARE WRONG. Yes bees sting, yes they look gross and scary, but they only sting when threatened or to protect their hive. For those of you who live in a nice house that you love would you let someone destroy it or would you protect it? When you feel threatened don't you stand up for your self? Bees are not that different from us. Now their looks are just a factor but if you can over look that can't you over look the other things too?

This this graph from going any lower.

They have their jobs just like you. If you can help them they can help us. Not just with their honey but all the plants that we thing are beautiful. Help them help us. The bee movie is a good example of what has just been explained.


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