The Misunderstanding of Youth By filippo martini

On a February afternoon the highs schoolers decided not to eat lunch, so when the middle schoolers went to the court the high schoolers were there. Soccer was on one side, and the high schoolers were on the other side. There were 5 people, each one with a basketball, so nothing left for Middle Schoolers. They waited for another 15 minutes, just to see if they left, but they did not.

Usually high schoolers eat lunch after the middle schoolers eat. So that means that they take turns on the courts, for example the basketball court. These high schoolers are the ones that cause problems. They are people who can just think of commanding the world. This is one of the reasons for them not respecting the middle schoolers.

Filippo and Mac, two young teenagers that love and play basketball everyday, go and ask for a basketball, but the highs schoolers just said no, without looking and thinking. After a while, one of the high schoolers missed and it rolled over to one of the middle schoolers. He asks, again, kindly with more respect, and again the senior said a no without looking or staring at the poor kids. They realized that there are people thinking that being older may mean more control over younger people. This is a problem that can also be considered as bullying. This made the middles schoolers scared of going back and playing basketball any other day, because theses high schoolers might not let them play again.

Fabrizio, after an interview, explained that he felt very misunderstood. He was not pleased with what happened. He thought that them being older does not mean being better. “To me it makes no sense” was the statement that appealed the most to this case. He also gave hints, especially if the high schoolers came back. The hint suggested to everyone is to just take the ball, and not ask, cause the response is always a “NO”.

After interviewing the Martini Family, and realizing that being older might have an advantage for respect, but that does not mean that they are better. Ideas suggested by followers would be ideas for bullying. Tell a teacher, ask for help, but if you can not do it yourself, do not try.

After that February day, these middle schoolers never met faces with the high schoolers again. All the hints given are still closed in a box, waiting to see if that day comes by, but what will happen if they hog the balls? What will they do? This following story happened at EARJ, escola americana do Rio de Janeiro, Gávea. Let's see if it will come again.


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