Values Into Action NJ Response to COVID-19 Resource Guide

During this time of Social Distancing, Values Into Action NJ wanted to create a space where we can share information and resources with one another.

Values into Action NJ sends a weekly newsreel every Friday with information curated from the community. It includes pertinent COVID-19 updated information as well as relevant news to the I/DD community. To subscribe, please do so here.

Special thank you to Allison McGill of Values Into Action PA for creating this Resource Guide!

Government and State Information Websites


Information & Resources for People with Disabilities and Their Families

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Communication First has created a COVID-19 Communication Rights Toolkit with Printable Patient Accommodations Request Form in both English and Spanish. It is important that no matter our way of communicating, we are listened too. "Hospitals and other health care facilities must meet your communication needs at all times. They also have an ethical duty to try to obtain your informed consent before treating or withholding treatment."-Communication First
Numotion has created "coronavirus tips for wheelchair users to keep in mind when taking care of their mobility equipment and the environment around them." Check out their tips here https://www.numotion.com/blog/march-2020/coronavirus-what-to-do-if-you-re-in-a-wheelchair
ABLEnow accounts help individuals with disabilities save money to pay for qualified expenses, without being taxed on the earnings – and in most cases, without losing eligibility for certain means-tested benefit programs. Find more information on their webpage and open an account online https://www.able-now.com/
Check out this link to view DD Town Hall Webinar Recording and intensified communications with leadership at the New Jersey Department of Human Services to advocate for improvements to rapidly changing policies to protect the rights and health of people with disabilities. https://www.drnj-covid.org/community-inclusion
Resources for Explaining Social Distancing and COVID-19 Guidelines

We all learn and communicate in different ways. See below for resources on explaining Social Distancing and Covid-19 through different means.

Physical and Mental Health
The National Alliance on Mental Illness is dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness. Please access their website for more on their offerings here https://www.nami.org/Home

The website Calm.com has created a list of FREE tools you can use to support your mental and emotional wellness through this time. Take a look at their meditation and mindfulness resources by clicking the link below.

While lounging around might be just what some of us need, some others might need to get their bodies moving! YouTube is a great resource for finding all types of free workout videos for all physical abilities. Want to try some beginner Yoga? How about a wheelchair or seated workout (adaptive Zumba, anyone?) Need something high intensity? www.YouTube.com is the place to search!
Virtual Museum Tours

Virtually visit some of the world's most amazing and popular museums by clicking the name of the museum below.

Or explore your own artistic capabilities by checking out Bob Ross's "The Joy of Painting"!

Travel and Leisure has also created a list of museums you can visit virtually...find that article here...

Did all that museum exploring get your creative mind flowing? Want to make some art of your own? Check out these websites for some inspiration, guidance and tutorials.

Check out FREE arts and crafts classes with Michael's: Shared by Pam King! https://www.michaels.com/onlineclasses#curated_tours_list_name=Michaels_Online_National_Classes
Music, Theatre and Entertainment
In the mood to watch some films? Sproutflix is holding a virtual film festival which is for films by and/or about differently-abled people. http://sproutflix.org/virtual-sprout-film-festival/
Many of our favorite musical artists are sharing their talents and our favorite music with us via live mini-concerts on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube! Chris Martin from Coldplay, Ben Gibbard for Death Cab for Cutie, P!nk, John Legend, Keith Urban, Patti Smith, and Katherine Foster are just a few of the artists keeping us entertained! Search for your favorite artists on social media to see if they are performing for their fans!
Every day, the Metropolitan Opera will be streaming a different encore performance from their company's Live in HD series. Each performance will begin at 7:30pm EDT and will be available for 20 hours. Check out some of the great performances here... www.MetOpera.org
In the mood for some Beethoven, Brahms or Mahler? The Philadelphia Orchestra has several performances you can listen to On Demand. Head over to their website for your symphony fix... www.philorch.org
For all things Theatre, check out www.playbill.com where they tell you where you can watch performances of your favorite musicals and plays that have been featured on and off Broadway!
Check out the Lion King Experience, shared by Pam King! https://www.lionking.com/education
Zoos, Aquariums and Inter/National Parks

Many of our worlds's zoos, aquariums and national parks are streaming different types of programming for all of us to enjoy. Go on tours, connect with some educational presentations & take home safaris. Click the links below to learn more about what these attractions have to offer us virtually!

Other Resources

Check out this awesome Social Story, created by Amanda McGuinness, that helps to explain Coronavirus. https://littlepuddins.ie/coronavirus-social-story/

Having trouble not touching your face? I know many of us don't even know we're doing it! But with the recommendation from the CDC it's imperative we try our best. Smarter Travel has written an article with tips to help us do just that.

Need a new read? Check your local library's website for downloadable books for borrow.

And please remember...as we continue to physically distance ourselves, we are all in this......



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