Cowboys-The Myths and the Realities McKinley & Candice

One of the biggest misconceptions of the 18th century is that Native Americans of this time were savages. Old westerners of this time thought this because they were defensive over their land. I like to think of it like this: imagine somebody comes onto your property and forces you to leave to an unknown place, making you leave all your belongings... how would you feel about that? Although they were pretty defensive they definitely weren't as awful as the cowboys portrayed them to be. The reality was: while thousands of cowboys trudged through Nebraska only a few hundred died in clashes against the Native Americans.


Myth: When you think about cowboys what do you think about? Most people see a hero shove through the swinging doors of a saloon. He strolls up to the bar and orders a drink. In the corner, you see a piano player is playing a lively song. While gaily dressed saloon girls engage the men. The bartender serves our hero a shot in a clean glass from a bottle of whiskey. After quickly tossing it back. Hero then flips the bartender a gold coin and corries his bottles to one of the poker tables, where a game is already in progress. After some interesting conversation back and fourth, the game usually turns into a shootout and the result is several dead bodies lying on floor.

Reality: The late 1800's, when the railroads, mining camps, and cattle drives brought prosperity to the west, a typical saloon was neither large, nicely decorate, nor was it anything even which absorbed everything from tobacco juice, blood, beer, spilled liquor. the sawdust also disguised and soaked the more unpleasant odors of urine and vomit. Nice huh? Rather than a piano in the piano in the corner, you were just as likely to find a barber chair, In providing barber services, the saloons gave a more pious and wife-fearing patrons a respectable reason to walk through the doors.


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