Coraline's Mirror Magic By Emma Johnston

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to live a different life?

Drawing by: Emma Johnston

Above is a drawing representing the mirror mask in coraline. The woman standing in front of the mirror is the real mother, and through the mirror mask she turns evil. the reflection in the mirror is the other mother because through the mirror mask, she became evil.

Drawing by: Emma Johnston

when coraline is tricked by the mirror mask she becomes unsure about herself. She was already confused and felt abandoned by her real parents. but then, her other parents came along, and she did not know what to do.

Drawing by: Emma Johnston

her other parents seemed so much nicer and more loving than her real parents. but, it was all a facade put on by the mirror mask. The mirror mask made her real life seem boring and dull, and filled her other life with fun and exciting new things.

Drawing by: Emma Johnston

coraline wanted a loving mother so bad that she fell into the manipulating arms of the mirror mask that led her right to the other mother. The other mother put up a facade and cared for coraline in a way she had never been loved before.

Drawing by: Emma Johnston

the mirror mask brought many challenges to coraline through the use of post and material feminism, along with challenges facing human limitations. She was tempted to go and live with the other family especially because the mirror mask warped everything she knew. she became a different person, more DECEITFUL than before. after she realized that the mirror mask was all tricks and games, she started to accept her real parents and went back to them.

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