Commercial: Explore Time to take a look at a few.

What are Cereal Commercials REALLY saying?

Let's spend the next 20 minutes gathering 2 examples per person of cereal commercials you like. Make one Holiday specific.

Now let's take some time to analysis what these commercials are REALLY telling us.

Answer these 5 questions for each commercial:

Right down the name of the Cereal being promoted in the commercial first.
  1. Who is the target audience?
  2. How was the product described?
  3. Did they mention it's nutrition value?
  4. Is there a tag line? or Slogan?
  5. Do you see the cereal out of the box?

Are there common elements through all the commercials?

List the common elements you noticed.

Each person will turn in all of their answers and common elements to google classroom.
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