May Lorenz Multimedia sports production

This video I made was about the Ladue Sparkle Effect. The Ladue Sparkles are a dance/cheer team where kids with disabilities get to be paired up with other Ladue students and be a part of a team that performs during our sports games. I made this video using iMovie, and created a blended overlay for the first time. It was difficult at first but once it was created I was very happy with the result. My friends who saw the video, especially those on Sparkle, really liked it and thought the animations added a nice touch. My favorite part of this video would have to be the happiness shown through the pictures and videos!

I created this video to play on the big board during boys varsity soccer home games. My challenge with this video was finding the right music to fit the hype video. The video captures the skills and the energy of the team which is my favorite part. I also love the music syncing up with certain parts of the video. This video ended up not being my best, so knowing I could do better I improved the video. This video didn't make in onto the big board because I had to sit down and revise.

This video was my revised version of the first attempt to a soccer hype video. I am proud of this video because I found a better song that allowed me to create moment where video is synced up the the music. This video wasn't a huge challenge because I had already done most of it, but making little cuts was sometimes difficult when timing it for music. The big board played this video and my parents were there to watch it. They really liked it and it left them wanting to watch it again. Kids from the team told me they liked the many slow motion clips. This video was one of my best for sure!

After perfecting my first soccer hype video I wanted to try out another one. This video was created using clips from the Ladue versus Kirkwood. This was a high energy game and I wanted to include the highlights of the game while also incorporating fun effects. My favorite part was the fan reactions. This video was an improvement from my last hype video, and people who watched it said they liked it better than my previous one. I didn't face any challenged in this video and really like it!

This video is an Earth Day trailer. Two years ago I created a video for earth day by putting together clips from different places all around the world. This year I am planning on making another one, so I created a short 30 second preview of the video. My challenge with this video was creating a story out of it, but by putting the videos in an order I sort of created a story that could be interpreted in different ways. The emotion of the video is strong and the music makes It a really beautiful video. Although this wasn't sports related, I am really looking forward to the real video and those who sat the trailer are too.