Cooking Katie lane

When I was younger I wanted to be in the kitchen to be with my family. My cousins were great at cooking and started teaching my brother and I to cook when we were in elementary school. From then on, my brother and I would make dinner for our family for fun. We helped my dad cook anytime he would let us. Cooking has become a fun way to spend time with my family before we share a meal together.

When my family visited Italy, I got to take a cooking class with my brother. First, everyone in the class was divided into groups and given a list of ingredients written in Italian. We were sent into a market to find the items we were assigned. Then we went back to the restaurant that was teaching the class. We prepared ravioli from scratch. Since then, my brother and I have made pasta from scratch together multiple times. It is a lot of work, but the delicious meal is always worth it.
A family friend became very interested in baking when I was in middle school. She started trying new recipes with me. If we could not bake together, we would take the treats to the other's house after we were done making them. We soon decided to never use a box mix since we knew we could make desserts from scratch.
One of my favorite desserts to make is cookies. My mom's favorite ones are these molasses cookies. My favorite are chocolate fudge cookies. Cookies are easy to make a large amount of to share with others. They also require minimal work compared to cakes and cupcakes.
I enjoy making cakes for special occasions. This is a cake that I made for my family for Christmas. This year for my mom's birthday I made a three-tiered cake. Each tier had three layers of chocolate cake with genache in between. Decorating cakes gives me a chance to be creative. They are many videos online of how other people have decorated cakes that can serve as inspiration.
For me, the best part of cooking is getting to share what I have made with friends and family. Sometimes I make desserts for my friends' birthdays. Other times we get together just so we have an excuse to try new recipes.

With so many options of what to make, sometimes the hardest part of cooking is deciding what to make!


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