Russia is the organizer of terrorist attacks in Nice and Turkey A prominent Russian public and political figure K.N.Borovoy simply and clearly explained the reasons why Russia arranges terrorist attacks around the world.

The main problem is not in the terrorist attacks but in the sources of terrorist activities. There are enough examples of it today. Everything is based on the old concept of the Committee for State Security (KGB) of the USSR, the Soviet Security Services, and later on the concept of the Russian ones, because all the KGB generals moved smoothly into the Russian security services.

Today it is one of the instruments of influence on the Western communities. In the case of the terrorist attack in Nice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the State Duma of Russia express blackmail, but not condolences. They say, “So, you do not cooperate with us in the fight against terrorism, you are engaged in confrontation — that's your punishment for it.”

They said it openly. Of course, there are no confessions that all this was done by the Russian security services, but it is clear who benefits from it. The main message is as follows: “We are strong and can do harm to you.”

The same happened after the terrorist attacks in Turkey. The extent of malevolence that was expressed indirectly was enough to understand that this situation is beneficial to one person or one group, namely Putin and his entourage. Thus, they are trying to have an effect on the entire Western community.

In the case of France, Putin has the desire to cause instability and to announce that this is a payment for the attitude to Russia.

The "T" department of KGB of the USSR stood for terrorism. They acted and act in Donbass, Crimea, South Ossetia, Syria, and Turkey. There is no need to especially speculate on those who benefit from it. It is beneficial to the Russian security services and Putin.

And here is the problem. One can yield to this blackmail and pressure, as Turkey did it, and offer an apology to Russia, receive tourists and the market for Turkish tomatoes. Or one can understand the main cause of these events, the source of danger and start to deal with it as radically as possible.

The European Community and the United States need to quickly understand and recognize a very unpleasant fact that Russia now, as in the days of the Soviet Union, is a source of terrorism. Russia also continues interacting with the ISIL and with other terrorist organizations.

As in the case of doctors. It is necessary to understand the cause of the disease, rather than to treat the symptoms. Otherwise, you can only worsen the situation.

A blackmail, which already receives the necessary results, will continue. The same situation was with the terrorists during the times of the Soviet Union. All these aircraft hijackings, Red Brigades, Palestine Liberation Organization, — there were a lot of such organizations. Today the same situation is observed but in the form of the second round.

Those in the Kremlin cannot invent anything else, thus they use the old tools. It is quite difficult to hijack an aircraft; that is why attacks and explosions are arranged. Unfortunately. There is no need to look for specific evidence. It is clear, who benefits from it.

Constantin Natanovich Borovoy, a Russian businessman and politician, a deputy of the State Duma of the 2nd convocation, the ex-chairman of the Party of Economic Freedom, the chairman of the political party "Western Choice", an associate of Valeria Novodvorskaya.
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