Hunny Belle Hanson Photography

Rule of Thirds

The first photo I have edited with actual thought. As I look back, I am proud to see how I have grown with my skills to the camera. The name of this photo would have to be 'Cloudy with a Chance of Leaves'.

The photo of the volleyball net is called "Ace from God".

The photo of the styrofoam pepsi cup is called "Sorry, No Coke Products".

As people feast their eyes upon the "Prison Waterslide", they notice many unique aspects within this photograph ranging from the rule of thirds to leading lines. The primary focal point is the tower, leading into the slide and secondary focal point, the barbed wire fence. The tower and waterslide take up about two/thirds area of the image. The fence, secondary focal point, also works as a leading line, guiding the eye to follow to an endpoint with a large tree and brown awning. I like how there are distinct colors that are not too vivid and bright to distract the viewer from the purpose of this photo. I also enjoy the barbed wire fence going off screen. To every photo is an explanation, and in this it proves there is more to this portrait of an enclosed world by leading your hungry eyes wanting more.

Leading Lines

The leading lines in this photo began at the left and right corner with dirt and rocks. It leads to the middle, slowly getting smaller. As it goes into the distance, it end with a vanishing point between the overlapping trees. The trees lead a trail along with the dirt and rocks, creating the perfect leading lines. I enjoy the color in the photo with the dark and bright green. I do not enjoy the brightness of the sky though, I believe it takes away from the photo. The photograph of the dark green trees and a road leading to a unknown vantage point is called "Sea of a Green Jungle".


The day my class walked to the cemetery was a sad experience. Many of the graves were of people who either grew and lived a long life, or the ones who passed away to young. This photo represents the young that lost their lives too early. I believe the colors show how beautiful the day was, but the rustic gravestone of just a baby shows how truly saddening the photo should be. The photo is called '1902'

The camera was not too close or too far to catch the true beauty of the two flowers. If the camera had been any closer, I would have lost the depth and detail of each petal and blade of grass around it. I enjoy the background being blurred so it is not distracting the viewer’s eye from the main focus. It also ties in rule of thirds with the macro shot. The shadows and light areas are the only complain I have for this photo. This photo is called 'Lost Souls'

The photo of the gravestone animal is called "Baby Shepard".


This lovely lady and I had a photoshoot and this was one of my favorite photos. I had worked on the site called GIMP, working with the color, contrast, and much more. I use the clone tool to get rid of the hair-tie on her wrist. It looks as though she had taken it off before I snapped the photo. I turned the saturation down and some exposure, and I added contrast so it was all balanced. I also had to crop the photo and clone out some minor spots on her face. I enjoy how well I worked with this photo and have grown my knowledge with photoshop and monochrome photos. I wish I could further my knowledge to make better black and white photos. This photo is called "Window"

In this picture, I believe the tones are very drastic throughout the picture. Many shades of grey, dark shadows, and bright whites. The vantage point from above also shows the contrast between people and the legs in the photo. The shapes of the people in the photo create the focal point through both rules of thirds and the triangle of interest. The texture of the walls and ground help create the shadows within the picture and the contrast from the people and sunlight seeping through the trees that you cannot see, but understand are there through shadow shape. I enjoy the focal and vantage point because it is from almost a “birds-eye” view. I don’t enjoy the the exposure because I would appreciate it to be darker, but it would take away the texture from the people and plants in the background. This photo is called "1999"

The photo of the cigarette on the rock is called "I Had a Friend Who Smoked Once; he Died.".


In this photo I captured of my friend, I had to edit a lot for the picture to become the way it is. I used the curves tool to maker her skin color seem less sickly. The curves tool created the illusion that her headphones are brighter than they seem and the carpet was darker. I also used the clone tool to add more of her skin instead of her bra-strap, and I added more carpet while deleting part of her sweater that took away from the photo. In the new class period, I then started to work on her blemishes and makeup. Her lashes seemed small so I used the color-picking tool to get the color of her lashes and used a pencil to fill in more of her lashes. It made them bold and more pronounce. I did the same with her eyebrows. I enjoy a lot about this photo except for the shadows under chin. This photo is called "Beautiful Symphony"

This photo of the golden brunette is called "Melman".

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