Veganism & Youtubers

Veganism is the act of removing all animal products from your diet as well as your everyday life. This includes all meat products, dairy products, honey, and any non-food products made with animals or animal byproducts.

Recently, the vegan community has become quite popular on social media. Recipe videos started to pop up as well as, daily food intake vlogs, and videos educating non-vegans about the lifestyle.

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Youtubers like Jenny Mustard, Phoebe Thorburn (Honey Bunches of Onion Tops), and Hitomi Mochizuki wholeheartedly promote/advertise veganism to their viewers using well-curated videos and influencing skills.

In order of mention, photos taken from google.

The influence these three women have is incredible, in the comment section of almost every video they make there are people expressing the impact their videos have made in their lives as well as how they have been inspired to become vegans alongside these young women.

Jenny Mustard

Jenny mustard is a thirty-one-year-old minimalist youtuber. Her channel consists of videos about fashion, vegan food, and many advice/lifestyle videos. In my opinion, her channel is very informative and entertaining, every one of her videos seems well thought out and well put together.

Using Social Blade I was able to get Jenny's monthly views and subscribers ranging from 2015 to the present.

Jenny's content quality shows through her views and subscribers, from july 2015 to January 2017 she shows a steady trend of gaining and losing subscribers with a spike between July and October 2016.

To get more of a feel of what her videos are like, check out her channel! :)

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