My career research By Niamh O' Neill

Job Family...... All the people in my family all do different jobs but all the boys in my family roughly work towards the same thing as I want to do. When I grow up I want to work either a vet or construction/IT work. I want to work with animal’s because I love them so much ever since I was a kid and I want to do IT work because my two brothers work in construction and my dad use to and they all loved it and said it was good pay plus I love working with devices.

Skills I need for this job..... I need communication skills for to ask/help the customers with looking or giving out information about devices and to my work friends/manager also I need team work skills being able to work with others because you’ll be working on building a new device so you need to work together. I would need very god listening skills because the customers will be asking a lot of questions to me so I need to listen to it carefully to answer the question for them.

Subjects needed..... For my GCSE I chose to pick Business studies to learn about businesses especially apple stores. Technology to build things to work my way on building a device. Irish because I would get into university better with a language in my GCSE. The remaining subjects I need are- science, life and work, maths, English and religion

What I have to do in my job....I need to Help people decide their decisions between devices. Answer questions for customers. Help my team mates with stuff. Set out new devices and information on them. Work at registers for payment.

Typical hours I would have to work for....Roughly to work in apple you usually start at 7am till around 4pm but it depends on how many workers work in the apple store or if anyone is sick or getting a day off for personal problems or holiday. I would love to either work in a different country like New York apple store because it is really busy so you would get really good pay or if I don’t get to work there I would go to Belfast to work at their apple store because its normally busy in the summer.


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