CLASSIC ADIRONDACK CLIMBS Rock, Ice & Slide Climbing Photographs from the East's Largest Wilderness

Vertical Perspectives Photography presents:
A large-format book of Adirondack climbing photographs by R.L. & Karen Stolz

Classic Adirondack Climbs–Rock, Ice & Slide Climbing Photographs from the East's Largest Wilderness is a distinctive, hardcover, coffee-table book. This fine art book showcases striking photography from noteworthy rock, ice and slide climbs in the vast wilderness of northern New York State’s Adirondack Park. Seen through the eyes of photographers and career mountain guides, R.L. & Karen Stolz who, for more than three decades have climbed and guided these spectacular climbs, the 105 photographs featured in its pages present a visual feast for photographers, outdoor enthusiasts and wilderness aficionados.

The monographic presentation and generous page size allow the photographs to reveal visually enticing details, and to inspire climbers and non-climbers alike. For those who frequent the Adirondack Mountains, as well as those who hope to in the future, this volume offers a unique perspective on this extraordinary place.

Photography in High Places

The images presented in this volume were selected from tens of thousands of photographs, collected during more than 100 photo shoots. Made specifically for this project over a three year period, most of the photographs employed specialized rigging, equipment and techniques, including some invented by the photographers especially for this project.

The photographers made many of the images while suspended from ropes adjacent to climbers, or positioned on cliffs nearby. Other images required boom-mounted, remote controlled cameras. The resulting photographs impart unique perspectives and a fresh view of Adirondack climbing.

The immersive images in this book permit the viewer to experience the essence of climbing; not just what it looks like up there, but what it feels like to be in these extraordinary places. Climbers were photographed in all seasons, depicting the splendor of the Adirondacks throughout the year.

Beyond the images themselves, About The Photographers and About The Photographs sections detail R.L. & Karen's evolution as photographers and describe their approach to making climbing photographs.

R.L. Stolz hanging on “Positive Reinforcement” to photograph Sabrina Hague, page 105
A Distinctive Collector's Edition

Designed to present the photographs at their best, this 12"x12" large-format, 110 page, full color, "Collector's Edition", contains 105 photos, each fine-tuned specifically for this book. This luxurious coffee-table volume is printed on heavy, 100# (148gsm) premium lustre paper, and is bound in hardcover with a glossy, wraparound dust jacket. The uncluttered design features a monograph layout, with just one photo per page. To minimize intrusions onto the pages, only the most basic caption details are provided.

An included addendum booklet, keyed by page number to each photograph, provides more details about how, and sometimes why, each photograph was made. This allows the viewer to page through the photographs without distraction, or to read the descriptions for each photograph by placing the booklet alongside them in the book. For curious photographers, a link to the Vertical Perspectives Photography web site is provided where a private gallery includes EXIF details for each photo.

Focusing on the best possible photo reproduction and employing the highest quality printing, paper and binding currently available for limited press runs, each book is produced individually via the latest on-demand printing methods. Printed using the color-accurate Indigo printing system, this approach allows much greater control over the production process than traditional offset printing affords, and it permits customization of every aspect of the book's presentation, from the materials used to make it to the technical minutiae required to optimize reproduction of each photograph.

Crystal Ice Tower, Above Chapel Pond, Chapel Pass, Climbers: Sabrina Hague, Rhonda McGovern, page 16 Sabrina’s "pinker than pink" jacket can't be missed in this photograph which is anchored by the look of determination on her face as she climbs confidently. The rope and ice screws provide security and form a symbolic link to her belayer, Rhonda.
Explore the vertical world of Adirondack climbing – in your home

Whether you are simply enamored with magnificent images of climbing in wild Adirondack places, or you are a climber seeking to plan or recall your adventures, this book invites you to explore the vertical world.

Because these books are produced individually, and they decidedly favor quality over mass market appeal, they are costly to produce and priced accordingly. That said, short of our custom-crafted fine art prints, this elegant book provides the best way to view these photographs.

This "Collector's Edition" book is only available directly through Vertical Perspectives Photography. Each copy is signed and inscribed by the photographers (as per your specifications). Stock is limited to only a small number of copies, ready to be signed and shipped. Production time, if stock is insufficient, adds 2 to 3 weeks.

For more information, or to order this book:
Vertical Perspectives Photography – Keene, NY (518) 576-9881
Created By
R.L. & Karen Stolz


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