Danny Lyon American Photoagrapher

Danny Lyon is an American photographer he was born March 16, 1942 Brooklyn, New York. Danny soon began to attend college at the University of Chicago where he graduated from and received his bachelors degree in 1963. Later on in life Lyon started creating his own books and one of his first pieces of work was on the study of motorcyclists in his collection "The Bikeriders". After Lyons junior year during summer he decided to march to a nearby segregated swimming pool and while there a truck in attempt to break up the crowd ended up hitting a young african american girl and from then forward Lyons wanted to become involved with the movement. The following year he went back with the SNCC. One job Lyon participated in was getting a picture of some high-school girls who were in prison at the Leesburg Stockade without any charges against them. Lyons had to hide in the back of a car while someone else drove him to the prison, and the young man who drove distracted the guards while Lyon snuck in the back to get the photo. after being officially accepted into the SNCC Lyons soon became involved with capturing major historical events.

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