Dedication By Mia Gutierrez

She cheers her heart out says the diamonds

Falling off the vivid red bow;

The personalities that she possesses while performing

Is a very energetic one says the shine reflecting off the Pom-poms.

She was apart of a loving team whom would do anything for her

Says the uniform that still looks brand new.

Her dedication to the sport has stayed at 100%

Over the past years says the 22 medals hanging on the wall.

She felt pain

Because of her dedication to this sport says

The scars on her right ankle; the girl trained hard

But performed even harder, says the pair of shoes with holes in them.

Cheer has taught her to fake a smile

And not to let others notice when you fail, says the pile of makeup stacked on top of one another.

Cheer has taught her what others haven't;

Fake it till you make it.

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