Supporting your child in an IB PYP school

How can I support my child in an IB PYP school?

Find out about their inquiries...

Find out about what they are inquiring into. Ask questions. Check Seesaw and ask questions. Visit local sites together or investigate online together. Do this with your child out of curiosity.

Let them play!

Children learn through play. Allow them the chance to figure things out on their own. Don't answer their questions. Model asking questions yourself.

Encourage Thinking

Don't answer all of their questions. Let them think through things and construct their own meaning of ideas and problems. A great question to ask your children every day is "What is one problem you had today and how did you solve it?"

Promote cooperation and collaboration

Let your children play and work with others. Think through things with them in a spirit of cooperation where they can add input and their ideas are valued.

Encourage them to always be caring

In the IB, we live by the learner profile, a series of attributes important to becoming an internationally minded person. Caring is one of those core values, and one that is important for everyone. Choose kind, as it says in the book Wonder.

Practice Reflection

Look through Seesaw with your child and ask questions. Ask them how they did something and why they did it? Encourage them to answer in more than one word responses (good, bad). Ask them what they were thinking and why. "How did you come up with that idea?" "What is your biggest learning?"

Promote open-mindedness

Learn about differences and similarities in the world. Expose your child to new ways of looking at things and different cultures, people and beliefs.

Take action and show that it's important to take action.

Help your children to understand the importance of caring for the world and each other. Role model action.

Get involved as much as you can with our school

Attend parent workshops, come in to read to the children, volunteer for different events. Keep updated on this blog and on Seesaw. Offer to be a guest speaker for any of the units. Help out on field trips. Ask questions when you are unsure. The door is open.

Read to your children

Read to your children every day. Enjoy reading with them.

Support your mother tongue

At home and at school, support you and your child's mother tongue. Find books in your language and introduce your child to this.

Finally, live our school values: Freedom to think, Empower to be

Keeping all of these things in mind will help your children learn and grow to their fullest potential.


All taken by Kristen

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