Soccerball By Oleg moroz

Artist Statment

The reason i chose a soccer ball is because have so many ideas for photography i could do. I also think that a soccer ball is very simple but you can do so many different things with it. The way i got the idea is i play a lot of soccer almost everyday and i thought could incorporate a soccer ball in my photography. I think i would be able to show people in my photography how such a simple object in photos can make great photography. The thing that i want my viewers to get is that with such a simple object you can get really great photos.

leading lines, Fill the frame, vertical lines
Story starter, small scale
black and white, curved lines, texture, rule of thirds, curved lines,diagonal lines
Story starter, collage, fill the frame,
Story starter, Black and white
Rule of thirds, repetition,color psychology,pattern,rythem
lines,eye line, story starter,
Framing device, portrait,
Implied lines, story starter, texture
Horizontal lines, small scale
story starter, perspective, small scale
Perspective, lines, texture, cover art
minimalism, small scale
Rule of thirds, Framing device,


I am Oleg and i was born on June 11th 2001 in San Mateo California and moved to Washington when i was 3. My Parents and family are from Ukraine and moved here about 20 years ago to California and moved here about 12 years ago.Some of my hobbies are soccer and mtb. The one i enjoy the most is soccer because i get to play every week in a team and also i get to play on days when i don’t have practice. I never really liked photography but this class made me enjoy photography. Now because of the class i understand photography so much better and i might also have it as a hobbie .I attend Hela high and i love it a lot because it’s a school based on medical stuff and i would love to have a job in the medical field, so this was a great choice for me, and i really enjoy this school. In the future i would like to go to a collage or university.

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