Unification tying together universal concepts

Physicists have been trying for a while now to combine the Four Fundamental Forces into one master equation. They have come close. Electromagnetism, strong nuclear force, and weak nuclear force all work together but where does gravity fit in? How does General Relativity work with Quantum Mechanics?

General Relativity ≠ Quantum Mechanics

When complicated math is applied to both of these, we end up with anomalies, meaning the math isn't equal. This is a problem. If they're both true but they don't line up, then what's going on?

That's what physicists are trying to figure out. A common theory is something called String Theory.

History Lesson

  • Unification began with Sir Isaac Newton. He made the connection that the same force that caused the apple to fall on his head is the force that moves the moon.
  • Originally, electromagnetism was recognized as two separate categories: electricity and magnetism. James Clark Maxwell found a connection between the two by using four equations. He called this electromagnetism, one of the Four Fundamental Forces.

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