Year 2 Photography Final Major project exhibition

Welcome to the end of year show for the second year of the Extended Diploma in Photography at Harlow College. The students this year have produced a wide cross-section of original and challenging work in response to the hurdles they have had to overcome over the course of this year. You can see that they have pursued their interests and passions, whether that is in fashion, food, or portraiture; or innovating through blending genres and disciplines together.

I wish them all the very best success in the future, as they go on to the next stage of their careers. It has been a privilege to teach this class. Thank you - Enjoy the show!

Tom Davies - Senior Tutor in Photography

Lacey Ayles

'Were Taking It Back, Way Back!'

My project is about looking at social events and how they changed and shaped the 2000s. I took these events and re-created them and used fashion pieces, I feel were popular in this era. I feel my work shows how events affected people in the 2000s and what made the 2000s so iconic.

Destination- BA Fashion Photography at Solent University.

Katelyn Barnard
Charlotte Bright

'Vegetarian Recipes for Picky Eaters'

My project is a vegetarian recipe book with a target audience of vegetarian picky eaters. This recipe book contains five images of easy vegetarian dishes with instructions and ingredients lists. What I learnt in this project was how to make a recipe book, and how to do food photography.

Destination - BA English Literature at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Ben Claxton

'The Year Is 2082'

This project is about fashion and what people might modify their body in the future, I wanted it to seem as if it is a near distant reality. Additionally, this project allowed me to learn how to position the subject in the piece to create a high quality portrait photo.

Destination - Employment

Aaron Eckley

'Musically Bled Dry'

The aim of my project is to show how streaming services are bleeding musicians dry and the difficulties faced by performing artists during lockdown.

Destination- Employment

Katie Feeney

‘Ladies and gentlemen, the 21st century!’

For my project, I decided to create my own altarpiece that told a story about my generation; the 21st century. This altarpiece displays a symbolic crossover with the hopeful and disastrous impact my generation has within society. I learnt in this project to stay consistent and patient with capturing the minuscule details within my set up to effectively create a 2D joiner that made the audience feel a part of that world.

Destination - Photography Assistant/ Retoucher Apprenticeship.

'Picture Perfect'

The whole project was based of changing perspectives, I focused on the idea to show viewers that not everything is as perfect as it seems. In that sense I took past photographs of my family to retell as story, using water as an allegory for memories as water can distort our perception. The water was mainly used to distort the images to link it back to the title of it being ‘Picture Perfect’. I also created five different puzzles using five different shots one for each of my family member to then create a frame on a board.

Destination - Employment

Sarah Gillman


My project is about the experience of being a young woman and the misogyny we experience, often on a daily basis.

Destination - Employment

Madison Hannington

Destination - BA in Interior Design, Anglia Ruskin University

Lucy Inker

For my final major project I decided to shoot recreate scenes form Star Wars using Funko Pops.

Destination - Employment

Olivia Lynskey


For my final project I combined photography and sculpture to create a 3D joiner photograph using the genre of portraiture. This project allowed me to apply new techniques and methods to my work and challenge myself.

Destination - BA in Photography, Norwich University of the Arts

Jasmine May

'Retro Advertising Homage'

This project was based on being able to formulate and create an effective and sufficient original idea. For my project, I created a collection of pieces that were a homage to 40s/50s retro advertisement. I presented these through poster themed pieces.

Destination - Apprenticeship in Media

Liana Murphy

'Land of The Liminal'

I started this project to raise awareness to the housing issue we are facing right now, not only in Harlow Town but the UK in general. I explored this through capturing the liminal architecture that creates a sense of unease for the future, such as the abandoned places, the half-demolished areas, as well as the introduction of luxury apartments that all coexist with the same level on uncertainty. This project really pushed me to refine and intensify my research skills, and introduced me to using a zine format to showcase my images.

Destination – BA in Wildlife Media, University of Cumbria

Emilija Pipiraite

"Dreaming in Neon"

The project is about my struggles during the pasts year which involves Covid-19. I wanted to show that we can have some fun regardless of staying home and get to dream a little.

Destination - Employment

Amie Shoebridge

'A Journey Through Books'

During this project, I coupled my passion for literature and reading with my passion for photography. I learnt how to develop my work directly influenced by my research and writing. My research on Vivian Maier and composition and her life directly influenced my work, not just in photography but in behavioural psychology too. I learnt how to let myself be influenced by my research during this project too; something that had eluded me until now.

Destination - BA in English Literature and Creative Writing, University of Herts.

Courtney Spires


I produced photos of landscapes with the theme ‘Dreams’ while using the same techniques but I sometimes add more and present them online. I have learned how to improve on my techniques and make them better as before and how to show the meaning behind my work.

Destination - Employment

David Tovee

'This world is cruel. It is Also Very Beautiful'

My project is about the anime called ‘Attack On Titan’. I was also inspired by some of Goya’s paintings and it is supposed to show the beauty and the ugly aspects that are present in the world. This project taught me that doing work on what you’re interested in is the best way to do work.

Destination - Employment

Megan Turner

'Eye- Dentity'

There is nothing more unique to someone then their eye I think that the identity of someone is shown the most through their eye and this is what I wanted to capture.

Destination - Employment

Mira Vass

'Girls Just Want To have Fun'

This project is based on Cyndi Lauper’s 'Girls Just Want To Have Fun' song, presented in a comic book page format. For this work I have used a lot of new photoshop editing skills as well as my knowledge in studio shooting.

Destination - BA in Photography Northampton University

Katie Wheeler

'Field of Dreams'

For this final major project, I took a series of photographs, revolving around wildlife, specifically animals and the plants surrounding their habitats. For the end project of this, I presented in as PDF magazine, using a total of 10 photos and 5 pages.

Destination - Employment

Ellie Woodward


The idea for FMP was to combine two different photographs and overlap them to create a distorted photograph. I chose to do it in black and white because it really highlights the subject.

Destination - Employment