Country Music Vibe Presents Klaudija Ever

Klaudija Ever has long been considered a talented artist, just waiting to be discovered. Klaudija’s roots are based in Italy. However, she is plans on settling in Los Angeles, CA.

You first became familiar with Klaudija’s music through Country Music Vibe. She is famous for her song called “Mi Amerai” which means “You will love me” in Italian. It is obvious that she is not a country singer, but I couldn’t resist an opportunity to collaborate with her. Klaudija was easy to work with, and was eager to receive any criticism or opinions I had regarding her selection of songs. Actually, I was totally amazed by the level of respect that she had for me.

During her time in Italy, I have had the privilege of seeing her perform live in front of several venues and audiences. While she has had her share of obstacles, she has always showed a strong level of resilience. There is no stopping this artist from accomplishing her dreams as an artist.

"Come with me on a journey that never ends".

Who Am I? I am Klaudija and I am 18 years old. My music reflects the my creative thoughts. I am very passionate about the art of singing. People often take their creative side for granted. They are provided with a gift, and they fail to make an impact on an industry that needs it. They fail to make in impact on the world, who needs to experience positive change. I know, i am only one person. However, with my music I plan on changing the lives of individuals one person at a time. It's not just a dream, it's our reality.

We were thrilled with the signing of Klaudija Ever.

Country Music Vibe has collaborated with Klaudija Ever over the years. We knew she had the potential to be some much more. We thought it was important to wait for the right moment to sign her to a contract. Klaudija Ever has had many opportunities to sign with recording labels, managers and pr agencies. So we were ecstatic when she confirmed with us, that she would sign with CMV.

Now, its our turn to show Klaudija Ever that she is as talented as everyone believes. She has 7,000 likes on Facebook and over 37,000 followers on Instagram. There is no stopping the growth of her audience. There is much more in store for Klaudija Ever. This is just a small example of what she is capable of doing as an artist. If you are interested in booking her, please contact us at pr@countrymusicvibe.com. Thank you for your time and support of Klaudija Ever.

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