1. For this self designed exhibit I will look at the affect eating out has on my wallet. I will track the daily amount of money I spend on food. I think this will be interesting because I eat out a lot, and I want to see just how much money I could save if I didn't.

2. Hypothesis: I think that I spend too much money on food and could save money buying groceries.

3. After keeping the record of the amount of money I spent on eating out, I was pretty shocked. On Monday I spent $21.76, $19.06 on Tuesday, $18.61 on Wednesday, $22.89 on Thursday, $10.67 on Friday, $17.34 on Saturday, and $10.20 on Sunday. After adding up all the amounts I spent on food per day, I spent a total of$120.63 on food for the whole week. That is absolutely absurd. However, that was one of my much more expensive weeks, I usually don't spend that much, but this is an eye opening experience. I've realized that I spend more money on food than anything else. If I stopped eating out so much I could buy a pair of new shoes, a new video game, or a new piece of clothing. Therefore, I need to start buying groceries to reduce the amount of money I spend eating out.


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