The Plague of Darkness

The Lord sent a thick darkness on the people of Egypt. The Lord said the darkness will be so thick that it can be felt. Different from anything they've encountered. This was the 9th plague.

People couldn't see what was in front of them. Not even fires could penetrate the darkness the lord sent.

This plague came and brought fear. All people could do was think. Wonder if this God Moses spoke of was real.

I think the lord sent the plague of darkness to show how unfaithful they are. That if they follow god they will be shown to his light.

The Egyptians wondered why their so called god even put them in the dark.

What I think caused the plague of darkness is the fake gods of Egypt. This plague was so dark that not even their so called sun god could save them.

What happened after the plague.

The pharaoh was starting to believe in and be afraid of Moses. So he began to make a bargain with the Israelites.

What happens after this slide?

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