Many people in Peru are living in poverty or under one dollar a day. There could be many factors that add into this poverty scene. 92% of the perus population is educated. Most people speak Spanish in Peru.

Some of the difficulties could be from the former president when he stole 400 million dollars in assets and money from Peru's government. The money put a toll on the poor government because that is a lot of money.
Peru has been in multiple wars with Columbia and other South American countries over borders. They declared independence in only 1821. Most of their wars lasted 1-4 years.

In Peru they were enslaved by the Spainish people until they declared independence.

Peru has very little rain fall in a very hot and dry country with a low sea level. Peru has over 1500 miles of coastlines. Peru has many dieseases from the flu t malaria.

Ulefredo needs our money because he needs a lot of wood to make more of his furniture to sell for a profit in his community he makes beautiful woodworks.

He deserves all the money because it can help him get his way out of poverty. He will be able to sell more furniture and make bigger company

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