Our Trip to the Circus league Education & treatment Center

We’re going to the circus!

The circus will be at Cunningham Park in Queens.
We will have breakfast …
… And Go To The Bathroom.

We will be riding on a big bus, not a little bus. It will be different, but that’s OK.

There will be some mommies and daddies coming to the circus with us.
On the bus ride, I can read a book …
… or look out the window.

When We Get To The Circus, We Will Go Into A Big Tent.

There will be lots of other people there. It might be noisy.
I can take a break …
… ask for a hug …
… or put on my headphones.

I can also go to a special tent — like a safe space.

There will be things there I can use to calm down.

Like bean bags …
… and coloring books
To watch the circus, we will sit in big, red chairs.

We’re going to see a show called Metamorphosis.

We know what that word means because we studied caterpillars changing into butterflies.

The first person we might see is called the Ringmaster.

He will tell us what is going to happen next.
Some of the other things we might see are clowns, including one named Francesco.
We might see a special kind of acrobat called a contortionist. Her name is Odbayasakh.
Some other people we might see are jugglers. They call their act Rolla-Bolla.
We also might see people on a special swing, called a trapeze. They are aerialists.
And We Might See A Woman Named Jenny.
She trains animals for the circus. She has dogs, horses and camels. I hope we see them all.
When the show is over, we will have lunch.
We Will Need To Go To The Bathroom, And Then …
… we will ride back to school on the big school bus.
I cant wait to go to the circus!


Created with images by pj_vanf - "look up" • ell brown - "Swanshurst Park and Zippos Circus" • kev-shine - "headphones" • pierre bédat - "////||||||" • juhansonin - "Udo and Luka" • jelene - "one of the drawings inside the coloring book" • SidPix - "Chrysalis to Butterfly (#3 of 5)"

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