Heaven Brady Moran

At 2:35 PM, office side lockers are dismissed. I quickly grab all my things and rush to the bus for the back seat. Too late. Another kid has taken the seat, so I decided to sit next to my friends, Andy and Connor. As the bus makes it way, I try to think about my homework, but frequently interrupted by Connor’s constant mouth, and the roar of all the kids. Finally, I’m home, but just for a little. At the door, I’m greeted by the best dog on the planet, Remy. A male beagle who we adopted when I was young. I’ve grown up and spent my whole life with him. We have a special connection. But no he’s getting older and slowing down. Now I whip open my algebra book, looking to complete some homework before the school’s soccer practice. After ten minutes of work, I’m rushed out the door and off to practice. A couple teammates and I step out of the car, into a nice Fall day. Warm, with a little breeze. Perfect day to play my favorite sport, soccer. After an hour and a half, the practice ends, and the best part begins. Six of us, carpooling together. We spend most of the time, yelling at civilians on the side of the road. We are all laughing and having the time of our lives. The car ride soon ends and I’m back home, but something strange has happened. My dad is home. It’s unusual because he get’s home from work around 6:30, but it’s 4:30. I think nothing of it and walk up the driveway to get to my house. As soon as I open the door, I know something is up. My mom is inside crying. And Remy is not home. My mom tells me the bad news, “Remy’s gone.”

My dad took him to the animal shelter to be put down. For a couple of minutes, I’m standing at the front door, in shock. Unable to let the thought go through my head, that my best friend is gone. My eyes begin to fill with tears. My mom holds me close, repeating, “I’m sorry”. I begin to think, “I never got to say goodbye”, as I wonder if I could ever forgive my parents. As the night eventually ends, the tears don’t. When I get out of bed in the morning, I see his favorite toy and bed next to mine. Once again, the waterworks begin. Days pass, then weeks. My heart still shattered. The tears eventually stop. After a month, the recovery phase starts to begin. My brothers and I, talk to my mother. We want to start searching for another dog. Even though we still miss Remy, we want to restore the missing pieces of our hearts. Over the next couple of weeks, we search for another dog, but none of them are as good as Remy. We come over a couple dogs that we like, but by the time we go to meet them, they are already adopted.

Every time, the same words come out of my mother's mouth, “It wasn’t meant to be”. Except this time, I’m so upset, I start to raise my voice at her, “Are any of them going to be meant to be?”. Now, I’m being hit with mixed emotions. I’m upset, angry, and on the verge of crying. “I just want a best friend. One I can play with, and come home to.” My mom comes over to hug me. She whispers in my ear, “Don’t worry, one will come, and he will be worth the wait.”

Sure enough, over winter break, both of my brothers are home. We find another. After work one day, my mom goes to meet the puppy. She comes home to tell us, he’s perfect. She also has good news. The people are bringing the puppy to the house(in two days), and if he likes it, he’s staying. Saturday morning, 9:00. Here comes the puppy! His name is Theo. As soon as I see him, I’m in love. He loves it here too, which means...he gets to stay! My mom comes up to me and says, “This is meant to be.”

As I sit here today, telling you this story, I have a loving puppy to come home to. A two-year-old, who seems to be mixed with every breed. I have realized that my parent’s decision, was the right one. Though I miss Remy, he’s in a better place, Heaven.

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