BULLY by: Jack Baillies

This is a story about a kid named jimmy but people called him Jim for short though he is a new kid too. He has a hard time at school because he gets bullied for how short he is. He does not have a lot of self esteem either. His parents are alcohol abusers too.


I was outside the front door of the school, and it's the first day of school too. I was nervous and excited at the same time. I slowly opened the door and looked at the clock “Oh no I'm late!” I thought As I sprinted through the front doors.

“Hey kid,” someone said when I was speed walking

“Who and where are you,” I asked

“My names Sam, and I'm right behind you,” said the kid

“Oh, hi listen I gotta get to class because I'm…”

“Just listen I really want to ask you something,” said Sam

“I'm sorry but I really have to get to class, I would love to listen but I have to get to class or I'll get detention and this is my first…”

“Just get to class already, I didn't want to tell you anything either,”

“Gotta go now bye.”

As soon as I got to class the teacher said “Jimmy Watterson, you are late, if you're tardy two more times, you will get detention,”

“As I was saying, my name is Mr. Appleton” he said as he wrote his name on the chalkboard

“Psst!” “Psst” “Hey I'm bored wanna talk,” someone whispered right next to me

“I don't even know your name” I whispered

“Oh sorry my name is Nick, and your name is?”

“Jim Watterson,” I said pretending that I was listening to what the teacher said.

As the teacher yacked on, me and nick were talking about stuff and one time nick told me a really funny story about how he was potty trained and it was too hard not to laugh but I couldn't stand it anymore when I bursted out laughing like

“HAHAHA!!!” Just as I realized that the whole class was looking at me I stopped laughing

“Jim Watterson,” “Go and refocus yourself and don't come back until you're ready to learn.” Yelled Mr. Appleton

“Bye Jim,” whispered nick

When I was out in the hallway on my way to the refocus area, I saw that kid named Sam but before I could say anything he said

“What are you doing out here kid,”

“I have to refocus,” I muttered

“Hey I heard someone wants to wedgie you but I'll protect you give me your lunch money,”

“No way you're getting my lunch money,” said Jim

As soon as I turned back around Sam wedgies me and says “and that person is right here.” As soon as he let go I ran back into the class I said “Mr. Appleton I…”

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” Mr. Appleton yelled as his face turned red

“Can I tell you something in private please,”

“Yes but make it quick,”

“Okay, somebody named Sam just told me that He will protect me if I gave him my lunch money and I said no and then…”

“Cut to the chase,” said Mr. Appleton

“When I turned back around, he wedgied me.” I whispered

“I've never heard of a Sam in this school, can you describe what he looks like,” he said

“Well… He had long black hair, and he was about umm… About six feet tall, he had a nose piercing and that's all that I remember of him.”

“So can I come back to class please?”

“Sure, I don't want you to get wedgied anymore.” He said

As soon as we went back into the class I saw a paper airplanes, paper balls and lots of other paper stuff that I couldn't describe but, after that the rest of the day was fine.

Day 2

“I'm lucky I set my alarm clock earlier so then I wouldn't be late to school today.” I thought

As soon as my alarm clock went off I ran to the kitchen quietly I got the hearty charms and milk. The only bad thing about hearty charms is it makes a really loud sound like “krrink!” when you pour them in the bowl. As soon as I finished my hearty charms, I ran to my room got dressed and ran out the door to the school but as I was on the way to school I felt like I forgot something then I realized “I forgot my backpack!” So I ran back home grabbed my backpack and I was on my way to school again. When I got to school I put my backpack in my locker and got my stuff and ran into class, and I got there just in time then I sat in my spot panting and wheezing

“Hello class, welcome back.” Said Mr. Appleton

Right after he said that some girl said “What was our homework for last night?”

He said “Pages one through five.”

“Oh no, I only read to page three!” I thought as I was reading the other two pages. When I was reading I saw a folded piece of paper, I could imagine it was from nick opened it up and It read

“Didn't get your homework done did you,” I wrote on the other side

“I know, just don't tell on me, okay.” I threw it back, he nodded “that must mean okay,” I thought. Then I looked back at Mr. Appleton and for some reason I raised my hand

“Yes Jim,” said Mr. Appleton

“What would happen if one of us doesn't get our homework done?” I asked

“Good question, first you would stay in for recess, then you would stay after school until you get it done.”

“Mr. Appleton, Jim didn't get his homework done.” Nick said as he was pointing at me, now I'm really nervous

“Jim, just stay in at recess and finish the pages you were reading.” Mr. Appleton said very calmly I was so mad at nick that I might explode, and I was pretty sure my face was red too. One half of the class was boring, and Nick had a really stupid grin on his face. All of the sudden my hand shot up again

“What is it Jim,” Mr. Appleton said sounding tired

“Can I go to the bathroom,”

“Yes,” he said

Right when I shut the door I saw Sam again but this time I ran and he was just walking towards me, then I went in a stall, stood on the toilet seat. I waited for about five to seven minutes when I heard footsteps I stopped breathing and took very tiny and small breaths,

“Oh Jim, come here jim.”

Then I couldn't take it anymore, I ran out the stall sprinting down the hallway with Sam chasing me as soon as I got to the door I knock on the door really hard hoping that Mr. Appleton would come out and see Sam and get him in trouble. But that's not what happened, instead he opened the door and said

“Let me guess, it’s that kid again,”

“Yes but it was worse, first he chased me down the hall, then I hid in the bathroom stall...”

“There… you… are…” Sam said while panting

“There you are,” said Mr. Appleton

While Jim was in detention, Sam was expelled for bullying and when Jim got home he didn't see his mom and dad anywhere “mom… Dad…” Then he saw a note that read

“Dear jimmy,

I don't want you to think we are dead but we were in a car crash and your dad ran me to the hospital, we will be back soon.



I was so upset that I started crying and when I stopped crying I thought I could cheer myself up by watching some tv and it worked but when I stopped, I looked at the note and I started crying again. A couple hours later when I was watching tv I heard a knock at the door

“Who is it?” I asked

“It's your mom and dad,” the voice said

I opened the door up and I saw dad pushing a wheelchair and I was so happy that I cried, but some of it wasn't happy crying, it was sad crying too.

“What's wrong,” mom said in a soft voice

“Nothing, I'm just happy that you're home.”

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