March 2021 Ten Ten Parent Newsletter

As we move through Lent towards the end of a tumultuous term, our eyes are fixed on the message of hope that Easter brings.

May we at Ten Ten take this opportunity to wish you and your communities a Lent filled with grace and insight and an Eastertide filled with joy and celebration.

Moved to Action

Our theme for Lent this year is ‘Pray, Stop, Go’, where children commit to make their prayer life richer, to stop doing some things which in turn will free them to go out to others with acts of service.

The Gospel for Sunday 7th March shows Jesus in the temple, angry about the unjust behaviour and practice of the money lenders. He was moved to action, turning over the tables and casting out the dishonest traders.

Take a look at the video where we shared this Gospel story with children:

In response to this, we helped children to use the Lent theme of ‘Pray, Stop, Go’ to respond to injustice in the world.

Children discussed what we can do about homelessness:

  • PRAY – pray for the person on the street
  • STOP – give up treats to save pocket money…
  • GO – …and give that money to a homeless charity

We also discussed what we can do about graffiti/vandalism:

  • PRAY – when you pass that place, say a prayer for those who feel the desire to vandalise
  • STOP – instead of watching TV at the weekend…
  • GO – …do something that makes that area more beautiful – perhaps clean up street rubbish or plant some flowers

You might like to discuss with your child further instances of injustice in the world and how we might respond using ‘Pray, Stop, Go’. Some talking points could be:

  • Food banks being necessary
  • Families/friends not getting along
  • Old people being lonely
  • Children not being properly cared for
  • Refugees having to leave their homes and not being welcome at their destination

Holy Week

In these uncertain times where we can’t control whether we will be able to go to Mass or not, you might like to take time at home to remember the events of Holy Week.

It starts with Palm Sunday, when Jesus is welcomed triumphantly into His own holy city of Jerusalem. Later in the week, Maundy Thursday marks the beginning of the Easter Triduum (the three holy days) and when the disciples shared the Last Supper. That night we remember Jesus in agony in the garden and we try and spend some prayer time keeping Him company. Then follows His betrayal, arrest and cruel trials which continue into Good Friday: Jesus’ final passion and death on the Cross. Holy Saturday is the quiet day of the three holy days. Then there is the climax of joy, as the Church celebrates Jesus' resurrection from the dead! 'Alleluias' resound throughout the Liturgy and continue on until Ascension and Pentecost.

We have produced 4 audio reflections which, if in school, children will hear Monday – Thursday as part of their collective worship. We have provided these here for you to listen to together at home. You can listen to them Monday – Thursday, or play them on the days they correspond to:

4 Holy Week Reflections (click here)


Father God,

Thank you for the grace of Lent.

Please help us in our Lent adventure to pray more.

Help us to stop doing some things so that we are free to go out to others with acts of service.

Show us how best to prepare for Easter.



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