July 2021 Ten Ten Parent Newsletter

May we at Ten Ten take this opportunity to congratulate all parents, children and school staff for getting through another pandemic-disrupted school year!

We pray that amongst the inevitable difficulties and stresses, you have found some treasure too.

May the God of peace be with you and your families over the Summer holidays.

Refugee Week

Everyone Plays a Part

In June, children learned through Refugee Week that we are not built to operate independently, but to support each other. In July, children built on this knowledge by learning about how everyone plays a part in the Body of Christ and more widely in society too.

Take a look at this picture:

How long did it take you to notice that it shows a woman’s face as well as wildflowers?!

In the assembly for the week commencing 5th July, children learned that it’s easy to notice the obvious, but sometimes we don’t see the whole picture. Sometimes it can take a long time to see what we don’t notice at first. Sometimes we even need others to point it out to us!

In the Gospel (Mark 6: 1 – 6), children heard about how Jesus was overlooked and unappreciated by those closest to Him and those whom He was helping.

Children were asked to think about who might be ignored or unappreciated today. They learned that it can be easy to overlook those who regularly help us, but there are many people who help us that we might not even know about! We talked about the role of keyworkers in the pandemic, and shared an interview with a paramedic called Jonny.

You might like to watch the video below with your child:

Children learned that just like Jonny, Jesus knows what it feels like to be overlooked and unappreciated. Keyworkers don’t do their jobs because they want people to tell them how great they are or be called ‘heroes’, but as Jonny said, it can make their work easier if they are not being taken for granted!

Just like the optical illusion we shared above, children learned that we can all make an effort to see and appreciate the bigger picture, because everyone plays a part in helping our communities to work well.

Children learned that just like the Body of Christ requires different people and talents, so do our local/national communities! The strength of a team comes when everyone recognises the value of the other members.

Why not discuss with your child:

What they can personally do to play their part in ‘helping their community to work well’.

How, like Jonny described, having faith in Jesus can help them each day.

Hear His Call

Jesus called the twelve disciples and began to send them out two by two. He gave them what they needed for the mission. He told them to take nothing for the journey except a walking stick. No food, no rucksack, no money. He told them to wear only what they needed, taking no extra clothes. So the disciples set off to different towns and stayed amongst the people there for a while. They told the people in the towns to be sorry for what they had done wrong. They were able to help many and cured others who were sick.

Paraphrased from Mark 6: 7 - 13

The Gospel for Sunday 15th July shows Jesus calling His twelve disciples to leave the comfort of their own home and go out on a mission to preach the Good News.

Children learned that when we are called to do something, it can throw up a variety of emotions: excitement, trepidation, anxiety and anticipation. When we are called to do something, it also invariably involves change.

The school summer holidays bring change to many families. This is especially true for children who are embarking on a new phase of life, such as a new class or even a whole new school. Jesus assures us that He is with us every step of the way on our journey through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Here is a short, guided meditation which we shared with pupils during the last week of term. Why not listen to it again with your child?


Dear Jesus,

The disciples didn’t take special equipment, extra food or money for their mission.

They trusted that you would give them what they needed.

Help us to trust that you will give us what we need too.

Help us to joyfully spread your love through our words and actions this summer.

Help us to be good friends to those around us, to work well with others, and to grow our family, the Body of Christ.



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