February 2021 Ten Ten Parent Newsletter

The Power of Prayer

For the 3rd – 5th Sundays in Ordinary Time, the Scriptures are taken from the Gospel of Mark. Children have had the opportunity in assembly to ‘interview’ an on-screen version of the Gospel writer, to find out more about the amazing things Jesus said and did.

During the week commencing 8th February, children will play/hear about* a game where a blindfolded child has to navigate their way to an agreed position with instructions from another child.

This will help them to realise how important it is to listen for instructions, and how good it feels when you get given the help you need!

* For children who are remote learning at the moment, why not play this blindfold game at home to help them understand the teaching more?

Why not watch this condensed version of the interview with Mark from this week, to see how this game will help children learn more about the power of prayer:

Children learned that prayer is a way to find guidance from God. Just like Jesus, we can tell God all our worries and concerns, as well as things that we’re happy about and thankful for.

They also learned that we can pray to help us make decisions, just like Jesus did. We talked about how when we don’t listen to God, it’s like we’re wearing a blindfold and can’t hear anything. But when we talk to Him, it’s like He takes the blindfold off and speaks to us!

* * * * * * *

Pray. Stop. Go.

This theme of prayer sets us up very well for the season of Lent, which begins on Ash Wednesday (17th February), which for many children falls during half term.

Here’s long standing friend of Ten Ten and sadly now departed Fr Digby writing about Lent, which we pray will bless you as you prepare for this important season in the Church year.

Within six weeks, we'll celebrate the most important feast of the Church's year, Easter. Through baptism, we share in the life, death, resurrection and ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ and then, at Pentecost, we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. We are given the new life of Christ to be lived out in this life but to be experienced in its fullness in heaven, sharing the very glory of God's life.

Perhaps all that sounds a bit much to get the head round! No matter. Let's just receive the message that Easter is worth preparing for. The period of preparation is ‘Lent’, a word closely connected with 'Spring' and new life. Contrary to some images of Lent being bleak, one of the prayers of the Church calls this penitential season a 'joyful season of grace'.

As outlined in the Gospel reading for Ash Wednesday, we're asked to emphasise three aspects of Christian living: prayer, fasting and alms giving.

Fr Digby Samuels

Our theme for Lent this year is ‘Pray. Stop. Go.’ which is a child friendly interpretation of this same Gospel. Throughout Lent, our resources will encourage children to make their prayer life richer, to stop doing some things which in turn will free them to go out to others with acts of service.

Please do ask children about their ‘Lent Adventure’. Here’s a teaser trailer to help you get excited:


This is a prayer which children will use daily throughout the week commencing 8th February, to remind them that prayer can happen at any time, in any way! Why not pray it together with your child at home:

Dear God,

As I breathe in and as I breathe out,

help me to remember you.

Help me to love you and love others.



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