He's Just Not That Into You Charlotte Long

He's Just Not That Into You centers around three main women characters: Gigi, Janine, and Beth. These women are close friends who work together and go through terrible relationship troubles throughout the film-- Gigi cannot manage to stop scaring her dates away, Janine finds out her husband (Ben) cheated on her, and Beth breaks up with her boyfriend of 6 years after he says he doesn't want to marry her.

The whole movie is centered around this idea that women are NOT the exception, they are the rule. For example: If a girl's boyfriend cheats on her in the beginning of their relationship, but after being caught he straightens up and they go on to get married and live happily ever after...that girl is the exception. Most girls are the rule, which is this: "If that guy cheated on you that early on, he probably doesn't care about you that much" -Gigi.

Feminist Analysis Perspective

  • Maximalist Continuum: Women and men are more different than alike (aka their desires for their romantic relationships are different). This was clearly displayed throughout the first half of the film.
  • Feminist Minimalist: Women and men are more alike than different.

I would argue the side of the feminist minimalist perspective-- that women and men are more alike than different. This proves to be true at the end of the film after Connor, Alex, Ben and Neil have all reached life-altering conclusions: Connor and Alex both realize they want to be in a relationship, Ben faces heartbreaking loss after committing adultery and losing his wife which causes him to realize that she was what he wanted all along, and Neil finally proposes to Beth after realizing that he wants to be committed to her forever.

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