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Question: How to people adapt to living in a desert environment?

There are many ways that people adapt to living in Africa. An example of this is that the Tuareg people wear long loose blue robes. They also wear blue cloth around their heads and faces. This helps them survive by providing their skin with protection and the robes also let the wind in, to keep the Tuareg cool. Another example of this is that people live in say easy to pack up and moveable homes like tents. This helps the people of the desert survive, because the people of the desert need to move to escape from harsh weather like drought or sandstorms and to get to better land like oases for resource or trading purposes or to get away from marginal lands. These are some of the many ways that people have adapted to a desert environment.

The Tuareg People

Question: What forces work for or against supranational cooperation among nations?

In the EU there are many centripetal forces that unite the countries of the EU. The common market and increased travel are both forces that unite the EU. The common market unites the EU because it brings the same currency to the EU. With the Euro being the only currency, it is easier to pay for things in other countries. This unites the EU, because countries are able to do business more easily with each other. Increased travel unites the EU because when people can travel to other countries they are able to learn about the other countries’ culture. If people know about the culture in other countries the will be more united, because they will be more respectful of the people living the those other countries. This is because people show more respect toward a place that is not such a mystery to them. Without these forces this supranational organization would not exist.

Members Countries of the EU

Question: What makes a good citizen?

To be a “good citizen”, one would have to know his or her rights, and know his or her responsibilities. Rights are rules that anybody is allowed to do and will not get punished for it, and they give people their freedom. An example of a right is freedom of speech, this right allows a person to say anything they want without getting punished. Responsibility is what a person must do as a citizen. For example a citizen had the responsibility to follow every law. Another responsibility is to vote even though there is no law forcing anybody to vote. Citizens also have the right to vote as well as the responsibility. Once a citizen knows his or her rights they should be considered a “good citizen”.

Freedom of speech

Question: What is the most effective form of government.

The most effective form of government is dictatorship. This unlimited government is much more effective than other forms of government. For example congress can not stop the dictator from making decisions. If congress can stop the leader from making good decisions nothing will get done and the country can’t progress. Citizens also know what the dictator is like so they usually know what to expect. When people know what to expect they will be better prepared for changes and new rules. So, as it is easy to tell, other forms of government are not as effective as dictatorship, even if dictatorship is missing some parts of government like separation of power. Here is something to remember, even though dictatorship is effective it is not always the best in other ways.


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