An Analysis of Commercial Diversity Jackson Ellis, Drevion Kilgore, & Jesse wiley

Modern Family aired 9:00 pm - 9:30 pm on abc

23 commercials were observed and recorded. Collectively, the commercials featured 133 subjects. We chose to observe GENDER and AGE diversity.

H1: There will be a distinct pattern of diversity shown in the commercials between age and gender.

H0: There will be no obvious pattern and age and gender will be evenly represented in the commercials.


Of the 23 commercials, 4% included only male subjects, 20% included only female subjects, and 64% of them included both male and female subjects.

Surprisingly, neither females or males proved to dominate the foreground or the background of the commercials. Although males were the main speakers featured, but only by a 10% difference.

The most common age groups were young adults and middle age, sharing 52% of the air time. The remaining 48% was a combination of all other age groups, with none significantly more present.

We noted that half of these subjects had a familial or platonic relationship to each other.

we concluded that the commercials aired during Modern Family showed plurality. In other words, when it comes to age and gender, ABC airs commercials that are very diverse.

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