Growth Project Madison Cannon

Design Challenge/Assignment Parameters

Design Challenge- Print making

Assignment goal-

Assignment Parameters-Must save and use resource photos. Must choose an animal, insect or a plant on the endangered species list. Lines/shape must extend off the page on 3-4 sides. Must have overlapping shapes. Must have a variety of Line work. Background must be filled with 1 uniform texture.

Planning and Sketches- For my brainstorming process I wanted to do a sea creature but something where an my animal is on an object so I stumbled upon a sea lion image on Google

Feedback- Some feedback my peers gave me was to make my waves more realistic and add more shade to make my sea lion look more round and real. Other peers said to add texture to the rock that the sea lion was on.

Planning and Sketching

I wanted to do a sea creature but above the water. I also wanted to have water in the background. The lanolin was rather easy to work with which I liked because it made the carving process easier.

Finished Product

Critiques- My peers said I needed more black ink but they were able to tell what my animal was. Adding more ink and the light spots to my print.

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