The good life Tour go the Harn Museum By: Demetrius Houser

Medium of the art/Technique of the artist: When I was in high school, I had a class that taught the language and culture of Spanish and one of the most common faces that would spoked about and referenced when it comes to Latin culture was Frida Kahlo, who in my opinion did the first selfy as she was one of the few artist who was proficient in self portraits. Seeing the painting of Frida Kahlo surrounded by Latin art made me not only appreciate the artists who contributed those works of arts to history but also made me truly intrigued on latin culture in a whole.
Design of the Museum: The museum was separated by culture, for example, in one part of the gallery you will have artwork all about African culture, another one you will see Latin culture and so on. Thanks to the layout it helped me be fully immersed in the artwork that was presented, it helped being surrounded only by Latin culture in order to fully appreciate the artwork just like it helped being fully surrounded by African artwork in order to fully comprehend African culture on a good level. It felt as if I was traveling around the world back in time experiencing different cultures, but one region of the Gallery stood out the most to me which was the African Gallery. The African gallery had the second to smallest gallery of them all but bursted with more life and culture than all the others in my opinion. I stood that section of the gallery for over a hour carefully and thoroughly reading each and every piece of work there was. The statues were amazing, the mask, the traditions that did and so on had made me fall in love with it all.
Art and Core Values: It was hard to find something that related to one of my core values, even though there was a lot of great artwork. After a few minutes of searching i found this wonderful piece of artwork and saw that it related to one of my core values which is being open minded. I feel that this art basically shows a view of the whole city as if taking it all in whether it be ugly or beautiful, theres a sense of looking at everything for how it is. It makes me appreciate this core value because i know that not everyone can have an open mind when it comes to things and to see a visual representation such as this made me mesmerized by every single detail the author noticed. The emotions that this painting instill in me aren't much but a sense of awe, of how perceptive the artist was. This made me cherish the society that I live in, in which everyone is diverse and how many people can look at them with an open mind no matter how different they are.
Art and The good life: For this, I would like to refer back to Siddhartha and on how he experienced different religions, beliefs and etc. This artwork shows a man who is dressed in ceremonial clothing about to perform a tradition, in Siddhartha, the main character didn't know what he truly wanted to believe and do but this artwork shows a man who is happy and content with his life as he does his tradition unlike Siddhartha who chose to abandon his tradition in order to become a Samana. This communicates the good life because of how happy and obligated the man feels towards his culture and traditions just like how Govinda in the book Siddhartha found tradition with the word of Buddha. This shows of the concept of "The Good Life" can come in many forms while in this case it's just plainly tradition.
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