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Welcome! I am so excited you’re here, because I know you are passionate about finding a more natural approach to your health + self care and you love creating a lifestyle that is full of choice + freedom. Whether you’ve been a part of our community for a while or you have just connected with us, please know you have not opened up this opportunity doc by coincidence. There is a part of you being pulled to seek change, whether that is more freedom in your finances, your time...or perhaps to help others in a bigger way. Welcome to the greatest journey of all time!

About me

Paris (me) and Don (the Love of my life)

My name is Paris and I have been a Essential oil educator since 2016 as well as a Certified Life Coach specializing in health and Wellness. I have been a Wellness Coach with WW since 1999. I have been married for 31 year to my best friend. I’m passionate about helping others find the natural solution first, and to save you money in all areas of your life. I believe whole heartedly in Western Medicine when I need it, but if I can avoid needing it I would rather take this road.

In 2015 I had 7000.00 in medical bills and was still searching for answers. In 2016 I found those answers in Doterra Essential oils and have not looked back. Making the decision to start a business was actually a very easy one. Finding a natural solution to support my chronic condition was a game changer for both me and my family. I could not, not share these oils with every single person in my path. I have been blessed to have an amazing doterra team and support system since starting my business in 2016 and look forward to helping you start and support your business.

I didn’t know there was a business opportunity or understand the financial benifits that were possible. Me, do an MLM? What would my friends and family think? I quickly let that thought go and replaced it with the healing and hope I had to offer with these brown bottles. With the business opportunity, suddenly I was empowered and excited to share what I stumbled upon.

This business is so much more than just making money and working from home. Changing peoples lives.....seeing them sleep through the night......be healthy in the most trying circumstances..........gaining control of their anxiety.....discomfort be gone. ..The many blessings that come from changing lives, supporting others, raising testimonies upon testimonies. Seeing people live their best life with the addition of these beautiful oils.

I love that I not only get to help people change their mindset and lead them to safer solutions for their family, but that I get to teach them to do what I love to do too. The business has unending perks. When you find a product and company you love, it’s very easy to talk about it. Think of the last restaurant you went to that was absolutely delicious. Who did you tell about the great food you had? Or that Disney + subscription you just posted about on FB? That’s direct sales. That was you sharing about a company you loved.

Allow me to help you break through your mindset and old opinions of what you think direct sales is, and evolve it into a dream that is so attainable. Use your oils and wellness products from doterra, be a product of the product. Create your own testimonies and begin to share what dōTERRA is doing for you with others. When you catch the vision, it’s impossible to ignore it. You’ll start to naturally speak openly about doterra to everyone you meet, because it’s a product that everyone in this world needs. I always tell my new business partners, “if I can do this, you can do this”. And that’s the truth.

Let’s begin….

I believe in supporting women/men in accessing the tools they need to empower themselves to create a big and beautiful business AND life. What I’m about to share with you is the perfect vehicle for merging all of that together, and that vehicle goes by the name doTERRA {meaning ‘gift of the earth’} doTERRA is a wellness company with the purest essential oils in the world as their core product. On top of that, they have an amazing vision to help every home feel empowered to use natural approaches in their health + self care. And while they have blessed us with these powerful essential oils...there’s a beautiful shift happening in the business landscape today because of them. I’m honored to take you through a snapshot of what this same opportunity could mean for you. I’ve created a space for you to jump in and start right away. The beauty of it is that you get to use the most amazing essential oils + wellness products in your own life, while you share them with others. These oils are incredible - there’s over 100 things you can do with the lemon, lavender + peppermint oils alone. But the business side had me excited from day one, because I saw the possibilities for not only my family, but for others.

Before we dive into more detail on the biz opportunity….

I want you to understand why so many people are experiencing more abundance + freedom in their life through sharing these oils. It’s because they don’t have to hype it up or oversell, in fact, these products don’t require much selling.

The way we live, the choices we make, the products we use, the food we eat, the company we keep etc...it’s all an expression of our core beliefs, and one of my core beliefs is that the body was designed to heal itself, and when given the right support...it does. Beautifully.

Women and Men around the world are feeling empowered to take care of their family’s health in a natural way. Where health coaches could help their clients go to that next level of wellness. Where practitioners could have a product that their clients could use at home after being adjusted. I wanted to be a part of it all - I believe so much in doTERRA’s vision.

Many start using the oils, fall in love with them and can’t help but want to share them with others.

And just by doing that - they are building a dream biz serving others. We have experienced crazy awesome growth on our team and I attribute that to the quality of people we attract and the support systems in place to help you rock whatever path it is you choose to take.

When you first begin with us, we want to teach you how to use and love your oils. Since our beautiful products are the building block of business, we have an incredible plan in place to help you take care of yourself, while building your product knowledge + confidence in what sets doTERRA apart!

We utilize to the full max all the amazing FREE education dōTERRA provides to us to launch our business on day 1. It’s called empowered success and I want you to go there as soon as you’re ready to dive in! You will want to study and get very comfortable with the Live, Share, Build and Launch guides (download them for free) for not only your own benefit, but these are what you will be teaching to your members and business partners in the near future.

We have a group dedicated to those doing a business, to help lead and guide you daily. A safe place for you to ask questions and get incredible ideas and advice! Online tools, free shareable content for social media, online classes and printouts! All at your fingertips.

Our team culture: The Natural Solutions Tribe

When you enroll with myself or a wellness advocate on the Natural Solutions Tribe - you are not only supported by that person, but you are supported on a grander scale by our global team. Upon starting your journey - we have an incredible system of support + value waiting for you. The above highlighted some of the action steps we take in the first few months to support you on a physical level in getting to know your oils, these are some other resources that we see to be crucial

Regular 1:1 mentoring for your first 90 days then monthly ongoing depending on your biz goals

Complete online training so you can educate yourself in this business in your own time

Ebook to share with your customers on their first month using the oils (non branded so you can make it your own)

A 30 min, 1:1 welcome call + membership overview

Access to our online community (customers/oil lovers) + separate biz tribe fb group which is FILLED with love and support


Can we talk about money for a sec (don’t get awkward, now….)

In our world, there are 3 ways to bring home the bacon:

Earned Income: exchanging your time for money. {and time is our most valuable asset}

Investment Income: having a portfolio where your money is invested in stocks, bonds, funds etc

Passive/Residual Income: network marketing, eBooks, online programs, movies etc

So there are 2 questions you’ll want to ask yourself:

1 - If you do nothing different, would you be happy in 5 years being in the same spot your are today? 2 - Does your current income stream have a cap?

Average MONTHLY EARNINGS for the leadership ranks

Remember this is AVERAGE that includes consistently enrolling people and working the business.

Why do doTERRA as a business?

If you’re wondering why in only 11 years time - doTerra has created the most waves in the network marketing industry, this is why:

The product sells itself, it works and it’s consumable. {Because of this doTerra has a 78% retention rate of users - where as almost every other network marketing company has 10-15% retention}

The compensation plan is built to support lifelong residual income - not a get rich quick setup.

Other doTerra Resources you may find interesting:

Why the network marketing model?

First of all - I used to have the same skeptical feeling about network marketing as you may have.

What was missing for me in the past when I was approached {constantly} was that I didn’t have a strong belief in what the product could solve for people. I craved purpose, freedom and the ability to create my own income, as well as the opportunity to work from home.

So, there are 3 things you will want to always investigate when you are looking at a network marketing opportunity:

Product :: People :: Pay

I love direct selling and believe it is the BEST biz model for truly helping others and being recognized with abundance and freedom.

We are always going to need healthcare and the demand for more natural solutions + prevention tools will always be there and has never been as needed as today.

The essential oils + wellness products that doTERRA provides are in high demand.

In the minimal years that doTERRA has been in business, they have grown to be the largest essential oil company in the world! You don’t accomplish that kind of growth if you don’t have amazing products to back you up!

From an opportunity + potential point - doTERRA has a 78% retention rate with product users. That is HUGE!

And it’s a product that you can market in a way that aligns with who you want to serve.

There are 2 retail models that every company/brand must decide between:

> Conventional marketing {such as 30 sec commercials on TV, billboards or paper collateral} or

> Network marketing {buying through an individual’s own marketing + support system}.

If you’ve experienced the essential oils yourself, you can see that there is extreme value in bringing people together to educate them and allow them to experience the oils. So instead of doTERRA pumping their dollars into conventional marketing, they have created this ultimate growth model to pay their people to market. And through this compensation model and your own creative expression, you can absolutely design a life perfect for you! You get to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

Ways to share the oils…

Person-to-person sharing: Meeting for an oils + tea date, handing out samples at the gym, having your faves in your bag for others to try, mailing samples to friends and family, inviting a person to your home to try them, and so on. This is going to be best if you feel more confident working 1:1 as opposed to presenting to a group.

Sharing on a blog or website: This can be something like a banner on your blog or website, a blog post(s), webpage(s) describing the oils or how to use them, or just casually lacing your own personal use throughout your writing, site photos, etc.

Sharing through social media: It could be Instagram pictures, or photos, articles, or mentions on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. It can be casual or formal or anything in between.

Free or paid ONLINE classes: An example of free online classes can be found here on OHH. A paid or free online class could be a teleseminar, webinar, e-course, ebook, etc. These are generally created once and redistributed again and again.

Free or paid coaching/consulting: If you’re a health coach or wellness practitioner or offer some other service that fits you can offer one-on-one support for your clients who are using doTERRA products and create health protocols or coaching regimens based on the oils.

How to start


Opening a wholesale account with doTERRA gives you access to the biggest savings. You can open the account for $35, or you can do it the smartest way and start with a kit. When you start with a kit, dōTERRA waives the $35 wholesale fee and all of the guesswork and overwhelm is completely gone! Each kit is great for different specific reasons so hang with me till the end of the page so you can figure out which one is best for you. Keep in mind that there is never an obligation to sell oils or order monthly with dōTERRA membership. Absolutely no strings attached. Just the highest quality, purest oils available in the world today and a super simple way to have them delivered to your door.

So let's chat starter kits…

The Healthy Habits Kit: Our top selling product each month is the lifelong vitality supplements you see there in the middle. To be a true product of the product from the inside out; this is the kit for you.

The Healthy Start Kit: This is a great option yet still budget friendly for those wanting enough oils to play with and experience. If you’re wanting to start a business, this one would be perfect to have to teach others about. These are the top 10 most popular and versatile oils. You can take care of over 80% of your common health concerns right at home with this kit.

The Healthy Home Kit: An insane value and amazing choice for those wanting the top 10 most popular oils in the large 15ml bottles (250 drops) along with beginning to reduce the toxic load in their home and bodies with non toxic plant based cleaner, high quality shampoo & conditioner, fluoride free onguard toothpaste and more! This kit sings lifestyle change!$

The Natural Solutions Kit: This is IT! The BEST kit. It is the kit I wished I would have started with. It has everything you need to replace your medicine cabinet, clean out the toxic chemicals in your home, detox and eliminate toxins in your body. You will be set up for success and ready to run.


Step 1: Click over to my shop, https://www.doterra.com/US/en/site/parisheinen click become a wholesale customer, and enter your country and hit continue.

Step 2: Select “Wholesale prices" and then hit continue.

Step 3: Enter your contact and shipping info. The “Enroller ID” and “Sponsor ID” boxes should already be filled in for you. But if not, enter 2876095 in both boxes and the Name should come up Paris Heinen

Step 4: Select your starter kit and any additional products you would like to add.

Step 5: Enter in your payment information and then hit “Process Order Now and Continue”. You can also set up your Loyalty Rewards order during this same process if you choose (to build a business, you’ll need your Loyalty Rewards Order set at 100PV (PV =points value) monthly but you can change the items in your cart and the date of shipment ANYTIME before the day of shipment. YOU WILL NOT GET CHARGED FOR YOUR LOYALTY REWARDS ORDER UNTIL IT SHIPS (winning).

Step 6: Shoot me a message on facebook or to to get in touch and so I can help you get started off on the right foot with your new oils!

Live a Life you Love

Paris Heinen

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